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False lashes — you CAN do it! False lashes. Two frightening, fringe-fueled words able to strike fear into even the most confident cosmetics aficionados. But they’re really not that scary! No, seriously, I’m all thumbs, and even I can apply ‘em. I just follow a few suggestions and lessons I’ve learned along the way, like…

My relationship with under-eye concealer is real-deal, all-caps SERIOUS. I mean, I don’t even walk outside to get the mail without applying at least a little, because if I don’t, I run the risk of my neighbors mistaking me for Uncle Fester (remember the dark circles under his eyes?). Being as important as this is

After running out of one of my favorite skincare products a little ways back, Sunday Riley’s Good Genes Treatment, a pricey but darned-near perfect prince of a skin-smoothing product, I dashed over to spaceNK for a refill. At the register to pay for my prize, the sales associate asked to see my driver’s license, and

Getting fired up and ready to face the day would probably be a lot tougher for me without makeup. It cheers me up and keeps me entertained, especially eye makeup. Doing my eye makeup in the morning sets the stage for my entire day, and next to treating my cheeks to blush and bronzer, it’s

Meow, kittens! I sure lurves me some cat eye liner, and not just because I’m a bonafide cat lady (although I’m sure that factors into the equation). My cat Tabs (an acclaimed kitty supermodel) has purr-fect liner I don’t know… There just aren’t many eye looks equal parts elegant and fierce. Whether you’re a lady

Welcome to “Secrets of the Eye Makeup Mavens!” — a new series of posts featuring simple tips, makeup tools and product recommendations to master popular eye looks, like smokey eyes, pastel eyes and cat eyes. In this post, the first in the series, I thought we’d explore bright spring eye shadows, like the ones in

Hat head helper… @garnierUSA beat hair tip frm hairstylist @marcmentions: ʺTry a leave-in conditioner. Make sure hair is dry b4 putting your hat on.” pic.twitter.com/8Xi2l3Xj Beautiful skin from within… @ReneeRouleau SKIN TIP: The more colors you eat of fruits & veggies, the greater variety of nutrients you obtain for glowing skin. Fine-line eliminator… @drjessicawu TIP:use makeup primer 2 temp.

A better self-tan… @RebekahGeorge: Beauty tip: When self-tanning, avoid body lotions with anti-aging ingredients – they can take away your self tan. Shiny hair secret ingredient… @NewSkinRadiance: International Beauty Tip: Do as Indian Women- Massage Coconut Oil into the Scalp & Hair on a weekly basis for shiny healthy hair and roots. For a healthy/glowy

Stay-put black liner… @billiemonroe13 Beauty Tip: When doing a winged liner, set it with matte black eye-shadow. I promise you will have a liner that lasts all day Beauty from the inside out… @EucerinUSHealthy foods help your skin look its best from the inside out. Add extra foods with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Omega-3’s. The tasty

All natural makeup remover… @ModernMom#Tip of the day: Did you know that olive oil is an amazing all-natural#makeup remover? http://ow.ly/erkC2  Pain-free face lift… @mystylequicktip Always apply facial moisturizer in an upward and outward motion, like a mini facelift. Never pull down on your skin. #Beauty #Tips Cool trick… ‏@LauraMercierLaura’s #skincare tip: keep Primer in the refrigerator for instant refreshment. #beauty Fly like a


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