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5 Hair Trends for the Spring

    Mar 24, 2014 By

I’m all about changing up my hair this season. Just two months ago I chopped 6 inches off my hair to create a huge change. I absolutely love it. It’s been different for me, but it’s something I knew I needed to do. With Spring here, I’m having a blast checking out some of the trends

5 Spring Beauty Trends for 2014

    Mar 10, 2014 By

Spring, it’s ALMOST here! I can feel it coming. The snow has finally melted, the sun is out more, and the trees (dare I say it) are beginning to bud. And, with each new season comes new beauty trends! I’m excited to try a few and change my regular routine up a bit. I’m such a regular

  As we mentioned in our trend forecasting from NYFW, ponytails are going to be big this fall. High, low, sleek, and messy–the whole gang’s coming to a pinterest boards and fashionable heads of hair near you! While most of us mastered a basic pony in grade school, it can be tough to get that

There are certain names that when we see them pop up on our FashionWeek schedules, we know instantly that we’ll be RSVP’ing for a chance to head backstage and see their work. One such name is that of nail artist Simcha Whitehill aka Miss Pop. She creates some of the most fabulous, intricate, and trend-starting nails at

Before you start throwing things, trust us, we’re not hoping to fast forward through summer just to talk about fall beauty trends (we’re freezing over here!) But, we’re ladies who like to plan ahead and we thought you might like that, too. We hoofed it around NYC in multiple blizzards to uncover the biggest beauty

This NYFW season, I covered more “no makeup makeup” looks than I can count. While they’re always very pretty and require much more makeup than you’d imagine, I always jumped for joy when there was more than a dewy glow on a model’s face. The “Mod Maven” look at Rebecca Minkoff, created by Sarah Lucero

Beauty Trend Alert: Red Makeup

    Feb 3, 2014 By

February is the month of love. I have always made it my “fashion mission” to wear red in February. And this time around, I’m going to have some fun playing with red makeup, too! For me, red represents love and passion–it’s a bold color that says, “Yes! I’m here!” We’re all used to seeing red lipstick

Each year Pantone, those purveyors of color systems designed to accurately communicate colors across a variety of industries (some of their tools look like the colorful paper paint swatches you find at a paint store), picks a new color of the year, and as soon as I saw this year’s happy hue, Radiant Orchid 18-3224,

Metallic eyeshadows, one of this fall’s big trends Metal is having a major moment! Wait — before you put on your Metallica t-shirt and bust out your air guitar, I’m referring to metals, as in metallic makeup finishes. They’re big this fall, and totally worthy of a good head bang or two, because they make

Welcome to “Secrets of the Eye Makeup Mavens!” — a new series of posts featuring simple tips, makeup tools and product recommendations to master popular eye looks, like smokey eyes, pastel eyes and cat eyes. In this post, the first in the series, I thought we’d explore bright spring eye shadows, like the ones in


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