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Let’s just say that switching things up for my hair was a long time coming. I’ve never colored my hair before because I really liked my natural hair color–it was chocolate brown with natural streaks of highlights–plus, I’d always heard my mother’s words in the back of my head: “why dye your hair now when

  “I feel like Cousin It.” That was my sad response to an innocent “How are you?” from my sister just two weeks ago. I had hit the proverbial beauty wall — I’d been growing my brunette hair for 14 months in preparation for my wedding and it was reaching epic length with no Kardashian-style

Three words I’d typically use to describe my hair would be boring, fragile and dull. I rarely get haircuts and I almost always wear my hair in a ponytail (I made a rare exception for my “before” photo). I’ve had some pretty bad salon experiences in the past, so the thought of letting someone cut

Big beauty confession: Until last week, it had been a year since my last hair cut. Maybe more than a year. It’s a pretty bad sign that I can’t remember. For someone who spends her working hours talking about hair, hair, and more hair (hey, our LHJ.com readers love it!), I had seriously let my

My hair is a big thing for me (most women probably feel the same). It’s never been short, never been dyed and, I think, defines me. It’s my signature and my security blanket. It makes me feel feminine and pretty, but is also my armor. I am Lauren, the long-haired brunette. Period. But, ugh. I

  When I got engaged last year I knew immediately that I’d do my own makeup for the big day. I’m very particular about my makeup — some might call it product obsessed. So my mission was to put together a list of products I’d need to create my ideal look. Somehow I found myself

As a college senior approaching graduation day, I could definitely use a major confidence boost. Between final exams and job applications, I’m completely swamped and totally exhausted.  So a few weeks ago, I decided to give myself a much-needed jolt of energy by making the ultimate hair color transformation: dying my hair red. Although I’d

Are you bored with your hair? Do you feel like your cut or color is outdated or no longer matches your lifestyle? Or is there a inspiring celebrity style you’d love to try, if you could go to an amazing stylist? Ladies’ Home Journalis looking for women who are ready to make a big hair

When I moved to New York City two months ago to start working at LHJ, I knew I wanted a fresh look. I had graduated from the University of Missouri (go Tigers!) a few months prior, and my long locks just felt so, well, college. It was time to trade my Katie Holmes á la


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