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Why ombre brows? Why not? You might be wondering, “So what the heck are ombre brows?” Well, I’m glad you asked! Ombre has been a big deal over the past couple of years. Ombre hair, ombre nails and, more recently, ombre brows. With brows, it’s where you have one color transition into another, typically from

Urban Decay has a reputation for producing colorful and highly pigmented palettes, but UD’s newest creation takes color to a whole new level—it’s electric. Comprised of ten bold shades, these colors are truly eye-catching. From matte to shimmer and even a little bit of glitter, these neon hues do not disappoint when it comes to

False lashes — you CAN do it! False lashes. Two frightening, fringe-fueled words able to strike fear into even the most confident cosmetics aficionados. But they’re really not that scary! No, seriously, I’m all thumbs, and even I can apply ‘em. I just follow a few suggestions and lessons I’ve learned along the way, like…

There’s one makeup look I do every single day–a smoky eye. I don’t care if I’m heading to school pick-up, the grocery store, swim team, or to a playdate with the kids – I always have on my smoky eye! It’s become one of my signature looks. Last week I had 3 women at school

The NEW Minimal Makeup

    Feb 20, 2014 By

As we push through these last couple weeks of winter weather, I’m taking the minimal route…with a twist.  My ideal minimalist look begins with a simple face. After your favorite bb cream, add AMC face blush in 55 to cheekbones. It provides a sheer yet noticable color that keeps my cheeks perfectly rosey throughout the

In the February issue of Ladies’ Home Journal we sought out expert advice to help you find your best short haircut. And, while our readers loved the hairstyle tips, they were also dying to know how to get our model’s stunning makeup look. Well dear readers, ask and you shall receive! We spoke with hair

This winter has been all about nude makeup and simplistic looks but we’re ready to say, “see ya never,” to winter and greet the spring makeup trends with open arms. That’s why we love the upcoming launch from SEPHORA and Pantone Universe. These two beauty powerhouses teamed up once again to produce the 2014 PANTONE

Let’s talk lashes… sometimes I feel like everything is working against me where my lashes are concerned. They’re not naturally long or thick, and they’re incredibly straight. I learned early on that it would take more than mascara to get the lush lashes I wanted, and finally, I feel like I’ve got the right combination

I heart holiday glitter! Who says that glitter ain’t for grownups? The glitter police…? Forget that! Wearing what you want is one of the perks of being a grownup. I’m in my late 30s now, and I still can’t get enough of the sparkly stuff. Particularly this time of year, a dose of glitter can

Gretta Monahan, Beauty Expert & Author of “Style and the Successful Girl” shares her tips on holiday hair; trendy manicures and her favorite holiday cocktail recipe: HOLIDAY HAIR HOW-TO   Step 1: Start by waving your hair using a curling iron. Brush out the waves to make them more natural. Step 2: Take a 1


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