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My hair has always grown extremely fast. My mother swears it’s because of all of the peanut butter I eat (I’m severely addicted and have been since birth), but I blame my Italian heritage. While I will always appreciate my body’s odd talent, it seemed that whenever I went to the salon for a trim

3 Root Boosters To Try Now

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Need a lift? These dry shampoos double as volume-infusers to boost your bouffant, ponytail, or even your regularly scheduled side- or center-parted ‘do. Eek another 48 hours out of your style with my picks below. Pantene Root Reboot Dry Shampoo not only makes my hair feel cleaner, it actually helps it feel WASHED. Plus, the volume

It’s that time again! Time to store your dark lipsticks, black nail polish, and full-coverage anything and stock up on spring essentials. Lightening up your routine is essential to making it through the warmer months looking fab (instead of like a sweaty mess). We’ve tested these products over the last few weeks and they’ll certainly

First of all, please excuse the fact that these pics were taken in my messy lavatory, a.k.a “That ’70s Bathroom.” (That’s really what I call it, since 1973 was roughly the last time it was renovated. Whatever, it’s “vintage.”) Once upon a time I’d just gotten home after a long day, which included a work

  As we mentioned in our trend forecasting from NYFW, ponytails are going to be big this fall. High, low, sleek, and messy–the whole gang’s coming to a pinterest boards and fashionable heads of hair near you! While most of us mastered a basic pony in grade school, it can be tough to get that

THIS WEATHER. This weather. I’ve just about had it with polar vortex 2.0 and 3.0 and so have my strands. They are all, “Bahamavention me, PLEASE.” And then I have to be all, “We’ve got another 2-3 months of this staticky, zero-hydration precipitation situation before you go back to your shiny, flaxen, former version of

I’ve been DYING to change my hair color lately. I’ve been “blonde” for about 2 years now. I have loved it. I have lived it. I have definitely had some fun, but now it’s time to change it up. I’m taking some beauty-chances in 2014 and my hair color is going to be the first

Let’s just say that switching things up for my hair was a long time coming. I’ve never colored my hair before because I really liked my natural hair color–it was chocolate brown with natural streaks of highlights–plus, I’d always heard my mother’s words in the back of my head: “why dye your hair now when

I love fabulous wavy hair! The *only* problem is that I’m not very skilled at styling my own hair. I always end up messing up one section–so my whole head will be wavy and glamorous, but there will be two or three chunks of hair that sort of do their own thing. I have to

4 Bad Hair Habits to Break

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  As Hollywood’s preeminent hair treatment expert, Philip B.  has garnered international praise for his visionary approach to hair, scalp, and body care. His award-winning blends are formulated with pure botanical ingredients and potent essential oils in concentrations that were previously unheard of in the industry. Delivering unparalleled results, Philip’s breakthrough formulations have dramatically changed


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