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In the spirit of Earth Day, today we’re sharing a chat we had with makeup artist and founder of The Beauty of It Is, Katey Denno. In addition to being the lead makeup artist for Burt’s Bees and being an advocate for the use of natural and organic products, she’s the go-to makeup master for It Girls

Whenever this time of year rolls around, I’m overcome with the sudden desire to purge my wardrobe, clear out my medicine cabinet, and coax those pesky little dust bunnies out from hiding under my bed (I’ve made such a safe home for them, they never want to leave). This strange phenomenon, my friends, has been

TV personality Megan Meany has reported on everything from the hottest celebrity news for E! News Live, to the latest fashion trends for the Style Network, and even traffic reports for WNBC. Today Megan is a lifestyles expert and host who appears on some of TV’s top national programs such as “Today” and “The Rachael

How many of you can relate to this eyeliner sob-story? You go to so much effort to get the perfect cat eye or super fine line… only to find that it’s smearing and smudging within hours. Why let that work go to waste? Before heat and humidity throw another monkey-wrench into the mix, pick up

Spring is HERE! Ring the bell! Shout it from the rooftops! It’s finally that time of year. I start getting my nails (fingers and toes!) done every 2 weeks right about now. It’s time for flip flops, open-toe sandals and adorable gladiator heels, which means… I have to have pretty toes. I’m usually “boring” when it comes

Somebody ring/text/Skype Nancy Drew! — because it is truly a mystery why it took me so long to find MAC Warm Soul Mineralize Blush ($25), the most perfect everyday blush ever. As a blush hoarder (#makeupaddictproblems), I’m kind of like the Easter Bunny…except that I hop from blush to blush. But ever since I landed

My sons watch me get ready every single morning. It’s something they’re used to seeing and seem to think is just “part of mom.” They know I definitely have a makeup routine in the morning and that nobody is allowed to touch mom’s makeup “stuff” in the bathroom (we’ve had a bronzer mishap before all

You’ve heard it all before, right? That the number one thing you can do to keep your skin looking fab—and head off signs of aging—is wear sunscreen. Every day. No excuses. All the lotions, potions, scrubs, serums, peels, masks, and oils in the world won’t come close to providing the long-term beautifying benefit (not to

It’s that time of year when it’s starting to get warm again (not warm enough for a bathing suit), and you just want to be outside. Spring really is a tease to the upcoming summer. You can be outside without a coat, but you just can’t be outside with shorts yet (at least not where

  I’m not about to eschew my coffee or red wine, but my spring sartorial concept doesn’t go with dull, could-be-whiter teeth. Whether your goal is a stunning selfie or you just want to take your smile to the next mile, at-home whitening products make a giant difference and cost much less than a treatment


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