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Every night before I go to bed I do my evening beauty routine. Believe me, it’s a lot different then my morning routine. When it comes to bedtime, I like to make sure my face is squeaky clean, moisturized and toned before I hit the sheets. I only started a evening beauty routine about a

With four sons that are 4, 5, 7 and 8, my morning beauty routine has to be fast, quick, and easy. I literally have about 5 minutes to prep myself for the day, so I need to make sure those morning 5 minutes count. I’ve come up with a set routine that works every time

Ever since my very first date night with my now-husband, I’ve been loyal to the same date night beauty routine: wash face (or use a cleansing wipe if I’m in a rush), rub lotion on my face and scented oil on my shoulders, arms and hands, swipe on a deep raisin-y lipstick (my guy isn’t


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