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April 15th, 2014  |  11 Comments   

Hair Makeover: From Crazy Long to Perfectly Coiffed

My hair has always grown extremely fast. My mother swears it’s because of all of the peanut butter I eat (I’m severely addicted and have been since birth), but I blame my Italian heritage. While I will always appreciate my body’s odd talent, it seemed that whenever I went to the salon for a trim (which wasn’t often), just three weeks later, my hair was back to the length it was before I made my appointment.

I never wanted to cut my hair short because of its thickness—getting a short haircut with thick hair is just asking for ridiculous volume. I also didn’t want to damage it with dye. I’ve always liked my natural brown hue. The result?

Nearly 22 years of carrying around the same long, dark, wavy mane.

It was definitely time for a change. I was in dire need of a good cut (my hair had never been this long before), but I wanted more than just the usual five or so inches chopped off. It needed something special, something unique, but nothing too drastic. I just didn’t know what. The hair continued to grow and I continued to fret.

When our beauty team asked what was going on with my hair (that alone is a sign that it was reaching a ridiculous length), I told them I desperately wanted to do something with it, but felt I needed some true experts to weigh in.

So, they sent me to the fabulous Nunzio Saviano for a cut, and I decided I would give highlights a try. When I arrived, I didn’t give Nunzio many specifics, except that I wanted a decent amount chopped off, while still satisfying requirements for the “long” category. His first reply? “I’ve never cut anyone’s hair this long before.” I wasn’t sure whether to feel honored or scared.

Nunzio had me stand up so he could first cut the bulk of the unwanted length. I immediately felt at ease and watched in awe as he fearlessly trimmed and chopped, giving me lots of great layers and long bangs. While the floor of his salon was covered with what looked like nearly a foot of hair, I was left with the perfect length. Free of my overly grown, straggly ends, I immediately felt like a new woman.

Next on the agenda was a chat with colorist Stephanie Brown. I was still incredibly skeptical about jumping on the color bandwagon, as I’ve always preferred a more natural look. Stephanie assured me the highlights would indeed be a subtle, yet still noticeable, change. I was so impressed with her technique. She concentrated the warm honey color near my face and ends to brighten up my look, but was still careful not to overdo it in order to protect my signature brown shade. She finished with a gloss treatment to add shine to my overly dry hair.

Nearly four hours later, I left Nunzio’s salon with what felt (and looked) like a completely new head of hair. Our entire office was oohing and ahing the next day at my new ‘do, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to embrace a much-needed change. I can’t thank Nunzio and Stephanie enough for working so hard to give me such a professional look.




April 8th, 2014  |  62 Comments   

Four Products To Transition Your Routine to Spring

It’s that time again! Time to store your dark lipsticks, black nail polish, and full-coverage anything and stock up on spring essentials. Lightening up your routine is essential to making it through the warmer months looking fab (instead of like a sweaty mess). We’ve tested these products over the last few weeks and they’ll certainly be helping us toward a beautiful spring.

RMS The Un-Powder – Your favorite setting powder can quickly turn into a cakey mess in the heat. However, this ultra-fine powder is like nothing we’ve ever seen before–it’s our new go-to for spring and summer. The product goes on light and airy and leaves no white residue. We’ve even worn it during workouts and it stays completely invisible, even through a sweat session.

Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss in Summer Twilight – The last thing you want on your lips in the spring and summer is a thick, sticky gloss. That’s why we stock up on these stunners from Burt’s Bees. Each gloss has a gorgeous tint that isn’t too sheer, nor too intense. The best part, however, is that the non-sticky formula feels weightless on lips.

Revision Skincare Intellishade Broad Spectrum SPF 45 —  By the time winter ends, we’re so pale we’re practically glowing and that usually means our foundation just looks a little off. Instead of struggling to mask slightly orange-tinted skin we’ve turned to this smart tinted moisturizer. It adjusts to our skintone whether we’re pale or lightly bronzed. Plus, it works as a moisturizer, SPF, anti-aging cream, and foundation in one!

SoCal Curls Tie – The worst thing in the hot months is taking a cool shower only to get out and sweat while you dry and curl your hair. Skip the curling step and try this genius head wrap from SoCal curls instead. Microwave the tie for 30 seconds then wrap dry or slightly damp hair around the it and secure it. Thirty minutes later you’ll have gorgeous beachy waves. We like to do our makeup while we let our hair set but you can wear it overnight, too. Here’s a tutorial to help you master the wrapping technique.

March 7th, 2014  |  1 Comment    

Hair Makeover: From Girl-Next-Door to Glam

I have been trying desperately to grow out my hair for what feels like years. I’ve dreamed of having Victoria’s-Secret-model-length locks. I’ve been so focused on the length of my hair, in fact, that I’ve avoided doing anything interesting to my ‘do for far too long. I’m no stranger to switching up my style, I’ve been dyeing my hair since the 8th grade. I’ve tried every color under the sun including blonde, black, and Taylor-Tomasi-Hill-inspired red. I’ve tried tons of lengths, too–asymmetrical bob, long and flowing, bangs and everything in-between. I am definitely not afraid of change, but I’d been stuck in a rut.

Finally exasperated with my mousey-brown shade, I wanted to update my look to something sexier. I work in fashion so having an edgy look is par for the course. Usually, my feeling is that the cheaper the haircut, the better, so you can only imagine my excitement when LHJ told me I was going to the incredible Sally Hershberger Downtown Salon here in NYC. I was paired with colorist, Aura Friedman whose clients include, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence, and Sophie Dahl to name a few. I was at a party with a few girlfriends the week before my appoinment when I mentioned I was going to Sally Hershberger, “Oh my god, are you going to Aura?” one of the girls asked. That’s when I knew I was in for something special.

I arrived at the salon with a photo of Khloe Kardashian’s new ombre hairstyle. It was close to my own shade without being a drastic change, but also like nothing I’d ever had. Aura painted my hair like an artist to a canvas (the last time my hair was highlighted there was one of those embarrassing caps involved). She spoke like a chemist talking about the pores of the hair while using a fluid non-method technique to apply the color.

While my color set, I asked Aura about the best treatments for colored hair. She recommended a brand new product from Nexxus Color Assure Pre-Wash Primer that you apply before washing your hair and it acts as a primer to protect against fading (Why didn’t someone think if this sooner?!).

My plastic-wrapped locks weren’t burning or itchy like most dyes I have had in the past. Aura and her assistant, Lucille Javier, checked up on the color often to make sure it wasn’t over processed. After my color was finished I headed to stylist, Temur Dzidziguri for a cut. He snipped off the dead ends and shortened the layers to avoid a heavy look. I had been growing out my blunt bangs and he easily worked them into my cut. Temur said even if you’re growing out bangs, it is helpful to have them trimmed often – as they tend to grow out “crazy.”  I’m from the south, so to get a little lift Temur dried the bulk of my hair with my head flipped upside down. Using a round brush and a light layer of hairspray, my hair was transformed into a shiny, buoyant masterpiece. My color transitioned from brunette to blonde flawlessly.

I left the salon with not only the best color and cut I have ever had, but also with the confidence that I no longer looked like the boring girl next door. I may not have the body of a Victoria’s Secret model, but I do have the hair.

February 27th, 2014  |  2 Comments   

Hair How To with Tommy Bucket and Garnier: The Perfect High Ponytail


As we mentioned in our trend forecasting from NYFW, ponytails are going to be big this fall. High, low, sleek, and messy–the whole gang’s coming to a pinterest boards and fashionable heads of hair near you! While most of us mastered a basic pony in grade school, it can be tough to get that oh-so-sleek style that we loved during NYFW. For help on that front we turned to Tommy Buckett, hairstylist extraordinaire at the Serge Normant Salon. This season he crafted incredibly chic, “uptown” ponytails in partnership with Garnier for the Kate Spade Fall/Winter 2014 presentation at Fashion Week.

The key product behind the look was Garnier Marvelous Oil Deep Nourish. We watched it completely knock out any frizz in the models’ hair and create gorgeous shine, too. “A lot of people are scared of oils but this is actually really light and it sinks into the hair because it has no silicone,” Buckett explained about the Nourish oil.

Here’s how to get the look:

1. Begin by blow drying your hair straight. Once the hair is dry apply 4-5 pumps (for long hair, less for short) of Garnier’s Marvelous Oil Deep Nourish. You can also apply a little heat protecting spray.

2. Use a flat iron to smooth out your hair so it is as straight as possible to get a sleek look.

3. Flip your head upside down so your hair hangs down over your face. Gather it together in one hand, smoothing with a brush as needed.

4. Holding onto your ponytail, flip your head back upright.

5. Tilt your chin up and look at the ceiling while keeping your ponytail as tight as possible. This is Buckett’s trick to get the tightest possible ponytail.

6. While your chin is still tilted up, secure your ponytail by wrapping it with a hair bungee--this type of hair tie will keep the ponytail as tight as possible without creasing the hair.

7. Use Garnier Disorder wax spray to smooth any flyaways or baby hairs.

8. Wrap a strip of leather over the elastic and secure it.

January 14th, 2014  |  Comment   

Golden Globe Hair Trend- How to Create a Faux Bob

Although we’re still in awe over the beautiful gowns worn at this year’s Golden Globes, we can’t neglect to mention our favorite red carpet accessory—the hair!

Many celebs sported luscious waves and sleek hairdos, which we highly commend.  However, one hairstyle worn by a few of our favorite famous ladies certainly stood out from the rest – the faux bob.

Globe winner Cate Blanchett and presenter Paula Patton modeled the elegant and dramatic do and we think they nailed this retro look.

Thanks to Conair, you too can achieve the bob trend without a single snip. “The Perfect Bob” accessory is a new, innovative way to transform your long hair into a trendy faux bob in seconds. Forget jabbing pins into your head; this product gives you the classic bob style without the discomfort.


Using “The Perfect Bob” is simple. Create a ponytail using the small loop of your perfect bob tool (the slide should be on the outside of the pony). Tighten or loosen the loop by adjusting the slide. Then, gently pull the ponytail holder down to the length you want your bob. Bring the large loop over your head and let it hang down around your neck. In the back, gather your pony tail ends and tuck them up and under the hair. Then, lift the large loop to the crown of your head. Add some hairspray to finish and secure any flyaways.

Wear your faux bob with wavy hair for an ultra-feminine, vintage look or straight for an edgy, slick style. “The Perfect Bob” by Conair is available this March, just in time for you to “glam up” your hairstyle for spring.

January 10th, 2014  |  Comment   

Conquering My Hair Color Fears

Let’s just say that switching things up for my hair was a long time coming. I’ve never colored my hair before because I really liked my natural hair color–it was chocolate brown with natural streaks of highlights–plus, I’d always heard my mother’s words in the back of my head: “why dye your hair now when you don’t HAVE to? Once you’re forced to start dying your hair, you won’t want to anymore!” So, I stuck with what I knew. When I wanted to really shake things up, I would get a hair cut to appease my nagging thoughts that I needed a change. I went from really long locks to a chin-length bob. Layers that framed my face became bangs in an instant; then I would wait the year to grow them out again.

Whether it was because I was a student or because of my tight budget, I never splurged on getting a haircut. I would go to small local boutiques or find a salon in the city where styling students would practice their craft on daring frugalistas. Most of these experiences were fine until the time my bangs were botched so badly that I had to pull them back with bobby pins for the better part of 8 months until they finally grew long enough to tuck behind my ears. That was my grooming rock bottom; I knew something needed to change.

And then came Nunzio Saviano and his team at the Nunzio Saviano Salon.

I had been growing my hair out for a year and a half and I was ready for a drastic change. I missed having bangs and while I felt I had finally coerced my blow dryer and round brush into giving me tamed curls, I was more than ready to lose some inches. Right from the start, Nunzio took charge of my hair and I was happy to relinquish control. He chopped my locks off and angled the layers so that they are slightly shorter in the back giving me great volume. He expertly cut my bangs to the perfect length and styled them so they fell to the side of my face.

After the cut, I made the long-agonized-over color leap. Many friends and family didn’t hide their concern when I mentioned that I wanted to color my hair red but when colorist Stephanie Brown said she saw me in a red hue, I knew I was in the right hands. We had a pleasant conversation in the short thirty minutes it took her to color my hair. After having the dye rinsed out, my new hair was revealed. I was ecstatic! The color was subtle but noticeable–perfect for a first timer who was going from dark brown to red!

Now that the big transformation is over, I think I look beautiful and my hair is masterfully curled, shiny, and ready to be shown to off to the world. My hair feels remarkably light now that the dead weight of split ends and fried follicles are no longer weighing me down. Nunzio and his team were just what I needed–warm, friendly people who know exactly how to make a gal feel gorgeous!


December 30th, 2013  |  Comment   

Wavy Hair Tutorial with Calista Hot Ion Rollers

I love fabulous wavy hair!

The *only* problem is that I’m not very skilled at styling my own hair. I always end up messing up one section–so my whole head will be wavy and glamorous, but there will be two or three chunks of hair that sort of do their own thing.

I have to say, it drives me crazy!

Well, I’m happy to say that I have found a hair tool from Calista that has changed all that! I recently tried Calista Tools Hot Ion Rollers at home and I fell in hair-love. I couldn’t get over how easy the rollers were for me to use. Usually I’ll see hair tools that promise gorgeous curls and waves but when the time comes to use them they fail miserably and are hard to use. This is NOT the case with the Calista Tools Hot Ion Rollers.

I created a video to show you how easy and awesome they are…

Easy, right?

I can’t get over how much I love these rollers. I used them on Christmas Eve and my hair looked like I had had it done in the salon! I love it.

Best part… I swear, you don’t burn your fingers!

And… you can do them on the fly!

October 1st, 2013  |  2 Comments   

Why I Got Bangs for Fall (And Maybe You Should Too)

It all started with Season 3 of my favorite BBC show Luther (sorry Downton Abbey) and the introduction of Luther’s new love interest—Mary Day. Her character and storyline were a little blah, but her long bob and blunt bang combo? Now that was riveting stuff.

With Mary’s haircut imprinted on my brain and a new season approaching, I seriously considered changing my look. I already had the shoulder length hair—the question was whether I was ready to commit to bangs. (I’ve had them before so they didn’t feel too risky.) In the past, bangs made me feel cute and stylish, but they necessitated regular blowouts and trims. Were they worth the extra work?

I did what any good beauty editor would do and sent Mary’s photo to my stylist Nunzio Saviano.  He quickly green-lighted the style. “Fall is the best time for bangs! You’re not fighting humidity or trying to keep your hair out of your face like in the summer. And it will look amazing on you,” he added, which pretty much sealed the deal. After Saviano cut my hair, he cautioned me not to worry too much about getting my bangs perfectly smooth, especially with my widow’s peak and cowlick. “Bangs do what they want to do,” he warned. Hmmm, bangs were starting to sound like my very adorable and very stubborn two-year old!

It’s been about three weeks and I’m happy to report that I love my bangs! They’re definitely more work compared to my summer wash-and-go style but I have no regrets so far. I’ll let you know how it goes after my first bang trim. (Maybe I will DIY it!)

In the meantime, here’s my new bang routine:

Day one: Start with clean, damp hair. I rough-dry my hair with a dryer until it’s 70%-80% dry, then target my bangs. The nozzle attachment is crucial here. My technique is to over-direct them on each side; then aim the nozzle straight down so they lay down straight. This helps correct my cowlick and leaves my bangs with a little of bit body.

On days two and three, I use dry shampoo (Rene Furturer is the best!) and hit them with the blow-dryer if they need to be nudged in the right direction.

Want to give bangs a try before you commit? Check out LHJ’s Try-A-Hairstyle tool!

June 4th, 2013  |  1 Comment    

A Trip to the Curl Whisperers: My Hair Makeover

I’ll be honest. Getting regular haircuts is not one of my strong suits. When things get busy or budgets get tight, I’m a gal that’s inclined to skip the trip to the salon altogether. And when I do finally get in for a cut, I have trouble finding a stylist that embraces my natural texture the way I do—minus the three or four times a year I straighten my hair for a special night out, I like to rock the medusa style, just a step or two shy of “I stuck my finger in a light socket.” Wild curls are my signature look, and since I arrived in NYC three years ago, I haven’t found anyone that could help me unleash their full (and slightly less frizzy) potential.

Enter the LHJ beauty team. After chatting with them about my hair-related woes (and probably, them taking one look at my visibly split ends), they dialed up the curl whisperers at Devachan, and managed to get me in for a much-needed appointment. Major score.

So, here’s what you need to know about Devachan: this salon is 100% devoted to curls, 100% of the time. As I waited for my turn, I was amazed by the heads of hair marching out, post-appointment. Tight, defined spirals! Soft, beachy waves! Totally frizz-free spirals! Beautifully coiffed Afros! It was, without a doubt, the coolest convention of curls I’d ever seen.

By the time I sat down with my stylist, Rosie, I couldn’t have felt more at ease. Although I was more than willing to undergo a drastic cut, she recommended keeping my locks long, and adding long layers and significantly shorter, face-framing bangs. I was sold.

The first major difference between this cut and any I’ve had before, is that Rosie worked on my hair dry. This allowed her to better assess my curl pattern, and to evaluate the length and shape of the style as she worked. After a wash, and a little education on curl care (I had been washing my hair almost twice as much as is necessary!), Rosie got to work drying and styling. Before my very eyes, my curls leapt up into neat, defined spirals. The top layers that usually get sad and droopy within minutes of blow-drying totally held their own. This cut was pure, unadulterated awesome.

I clung to my salon-styled ‘do for a few days, skeptical that I would be able to pull of the same kind of curl definition at home. But armed with a few tips from Rosie, my first home-styling session didn’t disappoint. The cut has held up beautifully in the following weeks, and my curls couldn’t be happier. With any luck, I’ve permanently traded my frizz halo for a more refined look. But the even better news? I still feel 180% like me. —HILARY MERZBACHER

June 3rd, 2013  |  6 Comments   

5 Easy Hairstyles for the Beach

At some point this summer, I’m willing to bet you’ll find yourself at the beach. It’s one of the most peaceful and beautiful places to be on a hot summer day.

I literally live about two miles from the beach so I try to get our family there as much as possible. It’s calming. It’s serene. It’s just a wonderful place to veg out in the summer and enjoy.

But come on ladies… there’s always the dreaded beach-hair-woes. You know what I mean, right? I never go to the beach without my hair up. I need to make sure it’s out of my face and secure. It doesn’t matter if I happen to go into the water with my sons, lay out on the blanket or take a walk collecting shells… my hair needs to stay PUT! I don’t want to worry about it being all over the place.

Here are 5 Easy Hair Styles for the Beach:

1) Simple Bun - This is a super, easy hairstyle to create. Simply slick your hair back into a comfortable bun with an elastic band. It’s easy because it will completely stay put and out of your face all day. If it’s secure enough, you can even go in the water with it and not worry about it coming out.

2) Hair Back with Wrap – I love wearing a wrap around my hair at the beach. I can easily pop my hair up in a pony or a bun or even a loose braid and quickly wrap a scarf or band around the top of my head. It keeps all my hair in place and it’s super comfortable!

3) Braid Away! – It doesn’t matter what kind of braid it is… braid it and keep it our of your face. Love this hairstyle because it’s very easy and it looks chic for the beach, too!

4) Low Ponytail with Hat – Create a low ponytail with your hair and then add your fave beach hat! This is a simple look and hairstyle because (quite literally) there is NO effort to it. You band and go!

5) High Ponytail – I love a high ponytail on the beach! It’s so chic and so trendy. Just slick your hair back and pop it up!


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