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Hi! My name is Emily and I'm so excited to have recently turned my passion into a career. As a former morning news anchor, I became accustomed to 1 a.m. wakeups... fitting in my beauty blog and YouTube channel, Beauty Broadcast, whenever possible. I recently decided to dive into my online beauty world full-time, regularly creating videos and blogs for my 355,000+ subscribers. I'm loving every minute, and I'm thrilled to share makeup posts on Gloss Daily!


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How many of you can relate to this eyeliner sob-story? You go to so much effort to get the perfect cat eye or super fine line… only to find that it’s smearing and smudging within hours. Why let that work go to waste? Before heat and humidity throw another monkey-wrench into the mix, pick up

Spring Blush Palette Picks

    Apr 2, 2014

Spring is upon us! It’s the perfect time to perk up your skin with a new blush… and blush palettes are making it easy to do that. They combine a variety of blush shades, giving you options and more bang for your buck. Whether you prefer powder, cream, or both- I’ve found some great options for

Problem-Solving Primers

    Mar 19, 2014

Sure, using a primer adds one more step to your makeup routine… but if you choose the right one, it can make all the difference for the appearance of your skin! Primer can be used after you moisturize, and before you apply foundation. There are so many different ways that primers can benefit your skin.

When I’m trying a new lip product, I always hope for the “whole package”. I want it to look great on the lips and have the color I’m after, but I also want it to feel comfortable. There are plenty of lip products that can accomplish one or the other, but when you find something

Let’s face it… while not always diet-friendly, butter makes food taste better. And judging by all of the personal care products with “butter” in the name, it must be a pretty big selling point in the beauty industry as well. It seems to be an increasingly popular buzzword, attached to everything from hair masques to

Why use just one shade of blush when you can easily blend several tones with the sweep of a brush? More and more mosaic-style face powders are turning up in stores. Whether they’re blushes, bronzers, or highlights, these products take a multi-dimensional approach to color that look incredibly natural on skin. I’ve found several that

Let’s talk lashes… sometimes I feel like everything is working against me where my lashes are concerned. They’re not naturally long or thick, and they’re incredibly straight. I learned early on that it would take more than mascara to get the lush lashes I wanted, and finally, I feel like I’ve got the right combination

 So many people (myself included) resolve to eat healthier in the new year but there’s another way to get your fix of decadent foods, and it’s almost as satisfying as eating them! I’ve rounded up some of the most realistic food-scented beauty products that you can enjoy, minus the calories and the dirty dishes. Not

People seem to have a love/hate relationship with lip gloss… the shine is great, but sticky textures and too-sheer formulas can be a pain to work with. However, there are some great options from the drugstore that seem to have it all! If you love a shiny finish, you’ll enjoy these gloss recommendations that are

‘Tis the season to spend money on others… so why not save where you can on products for yourself? Store brands have definitely stepped up their game with lots of different beauty products, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite store brand items in this post! Some of these products aren’t available online


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