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Amber Katz is a freelance writer and founder of beautybloggingjunkie.com, a pop culture-infused beauty blog that features everything from skin smoothers to hair spray to body scrubs. A former financial copywriter, Amber started Beauty Blogging Junkie in 2006 as an outlet from which to rave about her favorite lotions and potions to fellow beautyphiles--instead of her non-target audience of middle-aged (straight) male auditors at the office. Amber's beauty bent has taken her as far as Tahiti to learn about monoi-making, to the fields of Morocco, where argan oil is sourced.


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3 Root Boosters To Try Now

    Apr 11, 2014

Need a lift? These dry shampoos double as volume-infusers to boost your bouffant, ponytail, or even your regularly scheduled side- or center-parted ‘do. Eek another 48 hours out of your style with my picks below. Pantene Root Reboot Dry Shampoo not only makes my hair feel cleaner, it actually helps it feel WASHED. Plus, the volume

  I’m not about to eschew my coffee or red wine, but my spring sartorial concept doesn’t go with dull, could-be-whiter teeth. Whether your goal is a stunning selfie or you just want to take your smile to the next mile, at-home whitening products make a giant difference and cost much less than a treatment

Looking for a little jumpstart for your skin care regimen this spring? There are tons of new offerings at a range of prices and I’ve been testing ‘em out for months. Here, my definitive list of the ones you need to try immeditely. 1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths ($7.50) Wipes are excellent for cleaning

Beauties, there are a bevy of fabulous follicle-focused launches this month in the world of affordable hair care. Whether your spring hair inspiration is ’60s big (that’s always mine), ’90s sleek and straight, or cute and curly, these ten items will help you achieve your best coif. Here they are, in no particular order. 1.

5 Gorgeous New Blushes

    Feb 14, 2014

Whether it’s the spirt of love or the mandate of Hallmark that inspires romantical plans today, why not look the part? Rouge is integral to a polished, pretty Valentine’s Day makeup look and the newest ones boast a blend of hues in a single compact for a bespoke blushed effect. A little cupid’s-arrow-got-me glow never

THIS WEATHER. This weather. I’ve just about had it with polar vortex 2.0 and 3.0 and so have my strands. They are all, “Bahamavention me, PLEASE.” And then I have to be all, “We’ve got another 2-3 months of this staticky, zero-hydration precipitation situation before you go back to your shiny, flaxen, former version of

Of course, we know candles add a touch of glambiance and impart a chic scent, but many contribute to your interior aesthetic concept long after they’ve burned out. I like to keep empty candle jars in my bathroom cabinets to house tubes of creams and lip balms and on my vanity to group certain makeup

Arrested Development’s Tobias Fünke may not have supported a nude lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean your makeup bag should suffer the same fate. Nude makeup will feel especially fresh this spring 2014 season after years of brightly colored eyes, lips, and tips. Here, my favorite nude launches to try out in 2014. Eyes The L’Oreal Paris

Beauty and fashion gurus know that December means the holidays, pumpkin-spice lattes, sparkle… and the announcement of the Pantone shade for the coming year and incorporating it into their repertoires early. For 2014, it’s all about Radiant Orchid, a blue-based candy pink and it’s going to look epic on your lips. Here are three ways

3 New Heat Tools To Try

    Dec 6, 2013

The holidays are here and you’ve got a slew of parties to attend and even more hairstyles to coordinate to go with each. Now’s the time to test out some of the most innovative heat tools to hit the market. Don your sparkle, pour a festive cocktail, decorate your digits with glitter and get your


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