Hair Makeover: From Crazy Long to Perfectly Coiffed

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My hair has always grown extremely fast. My mother swears it’s because of all of the peanut butter I eat (I’m severely addicted and have been since birth), but I blame my Italian heritage. While I will always appreciate my body’s odd talent, it seemed that whenever I went to the salon for a trim (which wasn’t often), just three weeks later, my hair was back to the length it was before I made my appointment.

I never wanted to cut my hair short because of its thickness—getting a short haircut with thick hair is just asking for ridiculous volume. I also didn’t want to damage it with dye. I’ve always liked my natural brown hue. The result?

Nearly 22 years of carrying around the same long, dark, wavy mane.

It was definitely time for a change. I was in dire need of a good cut (my hair had never been this long before), but I wanted more than just the usual five or so inches chopped off. It needed something special, something unique, but nothing too drastic. I just didn’t know what. The hair continued to grow and I continued to fret.

When our beauty team asked what was going on with my hair (that alone is a sign that it was reaching a ridiculous length), I told them I desperately wanted to do something with it, but felt I needed some true experts to weigh in.

So, they sent me to the fabulous Nunzio Saviano for a cut, and I decided I would give highlights a try. When I arrived, I didn’t give Nunzio many specifics, except that I wanted a decent amount chopped off, while still satisfying requirements for the “long” category. His first reply? “I’ve never cut anyone’s hair this long before.” I wasn’t sure whether to feel honored or scared.

Nunzio had me stand up so he could first cut the bulk of the unwanted length. I immediately felt at ease and watched in awe as he fearlessly trimmed and chopped, giving me lots of great layers and long bangs. While the floor of his salon was covered with what looked like nearly a foot of hair, I was left with the perfect length. Free of my overly grown, straggly ends, I immediately felt like a new woman.

Next on the agenda was a chat with colorist Stephanie Brown. I was still incredibly skeptical about jumping on the color bandwagon, as I’ve always preferred a more natural look. Stephanie assured me the highlights would indeed be a subtle, yet still noticeable, change. I was so impressed with her technique. She concentrated the warm honey color near my face and ends to brighten up my look, but was still careful not to overdo it in order to protect my signature brown shade. She finished with a gloss treatment to add shine to my overly dry hair.

Nearly four hours later, I left Nunzio’s salon with what felt (and looked) like a completely new head of hair. Our entire office was oohing and ahing the next day at my new ‘do, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to embrace a much-needed change. I can’t thank Nunzio and Stephanie enough for working so hard to give me such a professional look.




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