5 Must-Try Nail Polish Colors for Spring and Summer

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Spring is HERE!

Ring the bell! Shout it from the rooftops! It’s finally that time of year.

I start getting my nails (fingers and toes!) done every 2 weeks right about now. It’s time for flip flops, open-toe sandals and adorable gladiator heels, which means… I have to have pretty toes. :)

I’m usually “boring” when it comes to my nail color–I go with staple colors–nude tones for my fingernails and black for my toes. I never experiment. I never go “out-of-the-box” so to speak.

Well, I think it’s time to change things up a bit. There are some gorgeous color trends for spring/summer 2014 and I’m excited to have some fun with the colors! Since the spring and summer to me are always happy and bright and vibrant months because of the warm sun, I feel like it’s time my nail colors reflect that, too.

Here are my 5 Must-Try Spring Nail Colors:

1) Mint/Turquoise – My favorite ice cream flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip, so my sons will get a kick out of seeing my nails in some “mint” tones. I love the soothing and relaxed look of the mints and turquoise shades, but I also think they’re bright and exciting, too.

2) Coffee/Glitter – This is probably the best alternative to my standard “black” color on my toes. I love the glitter and shimmer in these shades–gorgeous and luxurious colors to try out!

3) Shades of Blue – With four sons, I will love rocking the different shades of blue this summer – especially near the pool and the beach! I love, love, love the crazy and cool shades of blue that are popular this Spring and Summer. Absolutely stunning and perfectly versatile with so many different outfits!

4) Hello PINK – Oh, yes! We can’t forget the PINK… and not just a soft whisper of a PINK, no… we’re talking a HELLO I’M HERE! I think it’s sensational and this is the most delightful color for the warm months! Also, this is the kind of color you could easily match your hands and toes together with at your mani and pedi!

5) Peach – Peach, peach, peach. Such a beautiful color. I think this is my ultimate favorite color. This screams SPRING and SUMMER to me more than anything. I will be wearing this beautiful shade first this Spring!

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