Cult Cabinet: Guide to Multiuse Oils for Skin and Hair

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Trends are funny – after decades of “oil-free” stamped everywhere on skincare products, we’re suddenly waking up to the beauty of natural oils for skin and hair.  You may have heard of argan oil (the key ingredient in Moroccan Oil haircare), but exploring the other great sources of moisture is truly a global expedition!

Just in time for bare legs (they need a good oil more than anything), here’s my guide to some of my cult favorite beauty oil types.

1. Marula Oil- This antioxidant and omega acid-rich oil comes from East Africa and is derived from the nut of fallen marula fruit – so it’s completely sustainable (not harvested while on the tree). It provides excellent protection with anti-aging and anti-redness benefits, and smells slightly sweet and very delicious. Try African Botanics Pure Marula Oil  ($80).

2. French Plum Oil -  Also high in skin-protecting fatty acids, this oil is cold pressed in France from, you guessed it, plums.  Lea Journo’s Revive French Plum Oil ($65) is equally great for skin, hair, and nails.

3. Argan Oil – Silky smooth and virtually odor-free, argan oil has become a modern classic of late.  Like marula oil, this is sourced from the fruits of a tree found in the Souss Valley in Morocco. Lots of brands sell this oil, but I like Poppy Austin’s simple bottle and excellent price ($26.55 for 2 oz).

4. Monoi Oil – My favorite cult oil forever, monoi is derived from the Tahitian tiare flower.  The pure oil smells vaguely floral and beachy, but the cult classic brand, Monoi Tiare Tahati, sells every fragrance you can imagine on Amazon.  The oil naturally hardens in cooler temperatures – to make it liquid again, simply bring it in your shower or bath to warm up.  Like argan oil, you can buy this from fancier brands, but the basic is just as good and costs far less – about $7.00!

5. Cocoa Butter Oil - Ok, ok, I’m cheating … this cult favorite is actually a blend of soy, sesame, and safflower oils with cocoa butter and Vitamin E. While it doesn’t have the purity of some others, nothing smells more like summer to me than this yummy scent, and at $5.29 for 10 oz, you can’t beat the value of Queen Helene’s classic.

Have you bought into the new oils trend? Are you fearlessly applying to your face, or do you keep your oils below the neckline only?

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  • We are becoming a oil obsessed culture!! But we are just giving back to out skin what we scrub out in our showers..great selections!

  • I use food grade oils such as olive oil and sweet almond oil for both face and body. I try to purchase the purest possible oils whenever I can.

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