Should You Try the Trendy New Blur Products?

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In the beauty world there always seems to be a new buzzword floating around. Between the BBs, the CCs, and the HDs, your skin can now be treated to a full range of high-end treatments to target imperfections. But, before you hunker down with your skincare routine as it stands, consider the newest buzzword on the block when it comes to the search for a flawless face–”blur.”

Tubes of product promising to blur imperfections and create a smooth canvas for your foundation are hitting the shelves of our favorite beauty stores at lightening speed. But, are these pore-minimizers really all they claim to be? We tested five of top brands and our verdict is….maybe!

Let us explain. The best way to understand these products is to think of them as a new category of primer. Regardless of your skin type, we’ve all got a few problem areas or skin issues to deal with and if you’ve got oily skin and/or large pores this new set of blur products could be the best new weapon in your skincare arsenal.

These products are slightly thicker than other primers on the market and offer a stronger mattifying effect. They also have a distinctly smooth, silky texture and finish. The look these products give is airbrushed and, yes, your fine lines and pores will look blurred–like a photoshop job well done. What these products won’t do is completely camouflage blemishes so don’t ditch your concealer just yet. Also, we wouldn’t recommend these blurring primers for ladies with dry skin or small pores; we found that on these skin types, the products were just a little too visible. Make sure not to over-apply a blur product and concentrate it only on the areas where you need it. A pea-size amount should do it for your whole t-zone and forehead. If that’s not enough product, add to the amount slowly so you don’t over do it.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and try a blurring formula, here are the five we tested:

Benefit The Pore-fessional PRO Balm — This was one of the silkiest and most mattifying of the group. If you’re looking for full coverage with a lightweight feel, this is a good bet.


Garnier Skin Renew 5 Second Blur Instant Smoother — If you have combination skin, this product adds a little moisture while still maintaing a silky, light texture.


Kiehl’s Mirco-Blur Skin Perfector – This blurring product from Kiehl’s aims to not only perfect, but also to improve. In a consumer test performed by Kiehl’s, 84% of women who used their Mirco Blur believed their pores had become noticeably smaller and their skin tone more even.


Lancome Visionnaire 1 Minute Blur – This skin smoother has an extremely velvety finish. Our tester noted that it had a nice air-brushing effect even when worn alone, without makeup over it.


L’Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur Instant Eye Smoother – If your biggest complaints are dark circles and dull skin around the eyes, L’oreal’s eye-specific blurring product offers a lightweight, airbrushed look for under eyes. We liked how smooth it made our skin and while it won’t cover deep, dark under-eye circles, it’s a good quick fix for eyes that need a little help.

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