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Sure, using a primer adds one more step to your makeup routine… but if you choose the right one, it can make all the difference for the appearance of your skin! Primer can be used after you moisturize, and before you apply foundation. There are so many different ways that primers can benefit your skin. They can pack an extra moisturizing punch, help keep the skin matte, and give your skin a super-smooth texture so your foundation applies more evenly on top. I’ve chosen four of my favorite primers to share with you here–each one tackles a different problem area!

 Dry Skin: It Cosmetics Feel The Moment Anti-Aging Primer Serum ($38,

I’ve been dealing with some patchy dry areas on my skin throughout the winter, and this primer has been a HUGE help on top of my moisturizer. Once I smooth in this primer (and wait a couple of minutes for it to sink in!), it allows my foundation to blend over those dry areas evenly without noticeably clinging. The texture  is like a thick serum- it makes me think of a cross between Argan oil and a gel. Once I’ve used this and my makeup is on, I’d never know that I had dry skin or any uneven texture… instead if feels soft and silky smooth! And just a heads up, this may be too hydrating if your skin is oily, and this primer also has a strong, herbal scent that I notice during application.

Oily Skin/Large Pores: Garnier Skin Renew 5 Second Blur ($16.99,

Now something for those who need a lightweight primer to help with oil control! This primer has a light, whipped texture, and I notice a mattifying effect and smaller pore appearance on contact. My nose is my pore and oil problem zone, and my makeup will tend to break-down faster in that area, but if I apply some of this primer only in that area, I feel like my skin stays matte longer and my makeup stays looking fresh. If you’re especially oily, I’d suggest using this primer all over your face! It’s really easy to blend in, and you’ll love the way your foundation applies on top of it. Just so you’re aware, I haven’t noticed this primer having a major effect on fine lines.

Dull Skin: Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Radiance-Boosting Primer ($33.60,

This primer has a thin, liquid-like texture and is a great option for someone who wants to add some extra glow to their skin. I love how it adds some luminosity in a subtle way. There are no chunks of glitter in this product! There are several different ways you can use it. For the most subtle glow, apply this primer before your foundation. If you think your foundation is making your skin look flat or dull, mix a bit of this with your foundation and apply both steps in one! This can also be used on top of your makeup as a highlight. Just dab it on the high points of the face (cheekbones, bridge of nose, brow bone) with your fingers or a brush.

All-Purpose: Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer ($7.99,
If you don’t have one specific problem you want to tackle with your primer, but you would like some added smoothness to help your foundation glide on more evenly I think this primer is a great place to start! Firstly, it’s available for a really low price. Also, it has a creamy texture that’s not too thick and not super thin either, making it workable for most skin types. The biggest effect I notice from this primer is a smoother, more even texture to my skin. While this doesn’t cling to my dry spots, it also isn’t too heavy on my oily t-zone (oh the joys of combination skin!)
Hopefully this post was useful for anyone wondering which primer will benefit their skin! There’s an added benefit to these primers that smooth the skin and help your foundations glide on more easily… a more even application tends to translate into improved staying-power! Thanks for reading, and if you’d like more reviews and tutorials, check out my Beauty Broadcast YouTube channel and blog! – Emily

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  • I need to try some of these now that I officially go to Ulta…can you believe I never shopped there before?? weird.

  • I am waiting till my cheque comes in and getting the IT Cosmetics serum primer! I have very dry skin but have a bit of extra oil in my T-zone. But if I use the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores powder I find it makes the area more matte and helps make me less “shiny”. IT Cosmetics is a brand that I adore and am so happy that you have been reviewing some of their products :)

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