The Fashion Week Beauty Trends You’ll Be Wearing This Fall

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Before you start throwing things, trust us, we’re not hoping to fast forward through summer just to talk about fall beauty trends (we’re freezing over here!) But, we’re ladies who like to plan ahead and we thought you might like that, too.

We hoofed it around NYC in multiple blizzards to uncover the biggest beauty trends coming your way when fall does roll around and these are the ones we think you’ll be excited to try. Plus, you’re totally going to be that girl who is way ahead of the trend curve.

 1. Berry-Stained Lips

Stila for Alice and Olivia

Bold, slightly glossy berry lips were everywhere (and we mean everywhere) at NYFW this year. In fact, it’s rare that we see such a pervasive trend. This lip has a decidedly purple, not pink or red, tint and is a beauty show stopper. Pair it with glowy foundation, lightly lined eyes, and just faintest tint of pink blush. Our favorite version of this lip was created by Sarah Lucero and Stila cosmetics for the Alice and Olivia presentation (photo above). Sarah first covered each model’s pout in Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiery then slicked on a layer of Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss in Merlot to get that perfectly deep, saturated berry color.

2. Boyish Eyebrows

Bobbi Brown for Tibi

We’ve seen full brows on the runways for the last couple seasons but this fall’s version is brushed up, minimally filled-in, and more natural looking. This trend was also at every single show we attended including the Tibi presentation pictured above. To get the look, start growing those brows now! If yours are still looking sparse when the leaves change colors, fill them in with a brow gel or pencil like these from Bobbi Brown using quick, short strokes to mimic the look of hair. Avoid drawing them into a particular shape–natural is key for this look. Then, comb them up with a clean mascara wand and lightly apply a brow setting gel to keep them in place.

3. 90s Minimalist Hair and Ponytails

Garnier for Kate Spade

We’ve heard this look called a lot of things lately–post-gym hair, minimalist hair–we prefer to think of it as the lazy girl’s best friend. There were no beachy waves to be seen and very few wild updos. In fact the hair at fashion week this season played a decidedly supporting role in every look making way for flawless skin and the brows and lips we’ve mentioned. We did see some micro braids at Tibi and some very cool gold-dipped braids at Mara Hoffman but otherwise the models’ locks were straight or only lightly textured with a slightly sleek look. Another big hit was ponytails–high, low, sleek–you name it we saw it. Ponytails are big for fall. Our favorite was this high, sleek, uptown ponytail created by Tommy Bucket and Garnier for Kate Spade. Bucket’s key products to get the look were Garnier’s Marvelous Oil Deep Nourish which gave the model’s dry hair much-needed shine and moisture without weighing it down.

4. Flawless Skin

Maybelline for Mara Hoffman

If there’s one phrase we heard over and over at Fashion Week it was “flawless skin.” Of course after a week of heavy makeup and crazy schedules many of the models’ skin was far from flawless, so what did the makeup mavens mean when they said it? Well, they meant super hydrated, even-toned skin with a glow. More then one makeup team was mixing up concoctions of face cream and nourishing facial oils to prep each model’s skin before applying medium-coverage foundation. The uber-hydrated skin glowed with moisture while the foundation created an even canvas. To recreate the look, moisturize your skin right before you apply your makeup. Choose a medium coverage foundation–the Maybelline team at the Mara Hoffman show used Maybelline Fit Me Foundation–or one that you can build upon and skip any mattifying products. If you get super shiny, use a small powder brush apply finishing powder lightly to just the areas that shine.

5. Neutral Nails

Jin Soon for Tibi

This is a hard trend to define because we didn’t see just nude nails (though there were lots of those). It’s more about what we didn’t see and that was brights. Nude, pale shades were huge as were colors we’d consider wardrobe neutrals such as gold (seriously it goes with everything now), burgundy, gray, and taupe. We also noticed nail art was almost absent from the runways. In its place were subtle topcoats like the one in the photo above from Jin Soon Choi’s line, Jin Soon, for Tibi. Jin painted models’ nails with two coats of her “Nostalgia” polish and finished them with a layer of her “Polka White” top coat.

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