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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, natural skincare brand, Tata Harper has released Love Potion, a blend of 10 essential oils that the brand’s founder Tata Harper describes not as a perfume but as an “experience.” Tata and her team of experts sought to create a blend of oils that creates instant allure and magnetism and that promotes self-love. I sat down with Tata last week for breakfast at ABC Home in New York City to find out more about the newest addition to her line.

Gloss Daily (GD): You mentioned this morning that Love Potion is an experience, not a perfume. Can you tell me what you mean by that?

Tata: ”Fragrances don’t necessariily provide any emotional well being other than, ‘oh well you smell great.’ This is really all about making you more confident so you can make the most of what you have. I meet so many women because of what I do and I realize that a lot of people are insecure even if they’re beautiful and it’s really about making the most of yourself. So, Love Potion is something you would put on every day–even throughout the day when you’re feeling low and you need a boost of good vibes, you can put it on before a party, or in the morning. It doesn’t compete with your perfume.”

GD: What is the best way to apply Love Potion to get those mood-boosting effects?

Tata:  “You want to put it on your pulse points, on your wrists, and a little bit on your neck and then the most important step is to put a little on your palms, rub them together, and inhale. It’s a nice little moment and that is what gives you the long term effects. Take a couple of deep deep breathes. Get those molecules up through your nose into the emotional center of your brain.”

GD: How did you come around to include the 10 essential oils that you included in Love Potion?

Tata: “We started by investigating the state of mind and the qualities that really make people attractive. As soon as we figured that out we approached experts and aromatherapists and we said ok, we’re looking for essences that help boost confidence, positivity, happiness, those that calm you, some aphrodisiacs to help with arousal–let’s include all those. We started with a list of 20 oils per category and then we were like ‘ugh this smells awful, ugh this is awful’ and we started narrowing down those combinations until we found something that has the best oils and also smells fantastic.”

GD: Was there a specific oil that is special to you or a scent you have always loved that you just had to include?

Tata: ”Ylang-ylang is my favorite. It’s a known aphrodisiac so I wanted to include that for sure but all the other ones I didn’t really know. It was a really fun project because I learned so much about the emotional state you need to be in so you can make the most out of your life. Love Potion is not just about looking for a partner or looking for relationships; we just need more love. People are angry–don’t focus on that stuff–focus on the good stuff.”


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