Editor Obsession: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm

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I’m a recent convert to the bold lip scene. I dabbled in a few red and pink shades back in the day but until working for Ladies’ Home Journal I didn’t realize the true power of a statement pout. When I did begin to dip my toe in the pool of lipsticks, balms, stains, and lacquers my first stop was the drugstore (I didn’t want to drop major bucks on products before I knew if I could rock them!) One of the very first items I went home with was a Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain and from then on I was hooked. Since that first fateful purchase I’ve hoarded Revlon’s long-wearing, convenient balm stains and (excited squeal) they recently released two new formulas–matte balm stain and lacquer balm stain.

I went straight for the matte shades as soon as I could get my hands on them. As you can see below I tried each and every shade! I did a test-run with several hues over a couple of weeks and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Not only are these stains richly pigmented, easy to carry, and even easier to apply (thanks to their pencil-like shape) they also have incredible staying power. My color lasted through water-bottle sipping, snacking, and a couple hello kisses to the hubby. Plus, unlike other stains I’ve tried, these little sticks didn’t dry out my lips. ¬†The matte look of these balm stains is incredibly chic and every color I tried got major compliments at work.

Here are my tips for flawless application:

1. Exfoliate! If there are two things that don’t mesh in the beauty world it’s dry, flaky lips and a matte lip color–disaster! You want your lips to be as smooth as possible before you apply color.

2. Keep the rest of your makeup low key. A statement lip shouldn’t compete for attention with heavily made-up eyes or bright blush.

3. My favorite trick when wearing a matte shade is to add highlighter to your cupid’s bow (those little peaks above your upper lip). This will bring some light to your lips and keep the matte color from looking flat.

Check out the color guide below to find your favorite shade!


Elusive / Sultry
Mischievous / Complex
Shameless / Audacious
Showy / Standout
Striking / Unapologetic

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