Conquering My Hair Color Fears

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Let’s just say that switching things up for my hair was a long time coming. I’ve never colored my hair before because I really liked my natural hair color–it was chocolate brown with natural streaks of highlights–plus, I’d always heard my mother’s words in the back of my head: “why dye your hair now when you don’t HAVE to? Once you’re forced to start dying your hair, you won’t want to anymore!” So, I stuck with what I knew. When I wanted to really shake things up, I would get a hair cut to appease my nagging thoughts that I needed a change. I went from really long locks to a chin-length bob. Layers that framed my face became bangs in an instant; then I would wait the year to grow them out again.

Whether it was because I was a student or because of my tight budget, I never splurged on getting a haircut. I would go to small local boutiques or find a salon in the city where styling students would practice their craft on daring frugalistas. Most of these experiences were fine until the time my bangs were botched so badly that I had to pull them back with bobby pins for the better part of 8 months until they finally grew long enough to tuck behind my ears. That was my grooming rock bottom; I knew something needed to change.

And then came Nunzio Saviano and his team at the Nunzio Saviano Salon.

I had been growing my hair out for a year and a half and I was ready for a drastic change. I missed having bangs and while I felt I had finally coerced my blow dryer and round brush into giving me tamed curls, I was more than ready to lose some inches. Right from the start, Nunzio took charge of my hair and I was happy to relinquish control. He chopped my locks off and angled the layers so that they are slightly shorter in the back giving me great volume. He expertly cut my bangs to the perfect length and styled them so they fell to the side of my face.

After the cut, I made the long-agonized-over color leap. Many friends and family didn’t hide their concern when I mentioned that I wanted to color my hair red but when colorist Stephanie Brown said she saw me in a red hue, I knew I was in the right hands. We had a pleasant conversation in the short thirty minutes it took her to color my hair. After having the dye rinsed out, my new hair was revealed. I was ecstatic! The color was subtle but noticeable–perfect for a first timer who was going from dark brown to red!

Now that the big transformation is over, I think I look beautiful and my hair is masterfully curled, shiny, and ready to be shown to off to the world. My hair feels remarkably light now that the dead weight of split ends and fried follicles are no longer weighing me down. Nunzio and his team were just what I needed–warm, friendly people who know exactly how to make a gal feel gorgeous!


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