The Monogram Mani by Nails Inc.

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I’m not normally the type to go all in on nail art. In fact, aside from a few glitter manis here and there I’ve let the trend pass me by. My complete inability to let any sort of polish dry before I start cleaning/cooking/flipping channels/texting coupled with my propensity for chipping and picking at my polish keeps me from spending hours perfecting my polish. However, I was instantly game to try the Monogram Mani kit from Nails Inc. when it arrived at my desk.

For starters, I love the two shades that come with the kit–deep plum and cool grey. I also love the idea of a statement nail that isn’t fussy or outlandish. When I got the kit, I immediately broke out the box and slicked on two coats of the deep plum polish. Then, I used the 45-second caviar top coat for a quick-drying, glossy finish. To complete the look I used the wooden cuticle stick that comes with the kit to gently press on a “C” sticker (for my new last name) and my monogram mani was complete.

The look lasted for five days without chipping and I got plenty of compliments on the statement nail. The kit costs $25 at Sephora and comes with the top coat, two polishes, four sheets of monogram letters and characters, and the wooden stick applicator. Not only will I be using this quite a bit, I plan to gift it for upcoming birthdays–what a perfect personalized beauty treat!

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