Glitter for Grownups: 3 Easy Ways To Get Holiday Party-Ready Makeup in a Flash With Golden Glitter

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I heart holiday glitter!

Who says that glitter ain’t for grownups? The glitter police…? Forget that! Wearing what you want is one of the perks of being a grownup. I’m in my late 30s now, and I still can’t get enough of the sparkly stuff.

Particularly this time of year, a dose of glitter can be a big help when you have to get party-ready in a flash.

Sure, you may not want to sprinkle the stuff all over the place like you did when you were heading out to the club back in the day, but there are many ways to rock glitter in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond.

For sophisticated sparkle, look for glitter with fine, dainty flecks, and place it strategically on specific areas of the face (as opposed to everywhere) for a hint of glitzy glam.

Really, the sky’s the limit this time of year, as the holidays are a license to sparkle, but here are a few ideas featuring festive golden glitter to get you started.

1. Eye see glitter!

Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy

My favorite way to wear the sparkly stuff! My go-to eye glitter, Urban Decay’s Glitter Liner in Midnight Cowboy ($19), is a shimmery, glittery liquid eyeliner containing fine flecks of golden glitter suspended in a clear base. This stuff is so fabulously sparkly that a bedazzled showgirl in fully-feathered costume once stopped me in the middle of a Las Vegas casino to ask what I had on my lids.

For a party-ready look with Midnight Cowboy, I like to wear it with a neutral eye using browns and beiges. I’ll line my upper lash line with cat eyeliner and, with the included brush, place the glitter on the inner part of my eyelids (the side closest to my nose), directly on top of my eyeshadow. The liner’s thin, fine-tipped brush makes it easy to place the product precisely where I want it, and once applied, it won’t budget for nothin’.

The trick is concentrating more of the glitter on the inside area (closer to your nose) and slowly fading as you move out toward the middle of your lids. That’ll give you a gorgeous gradient of glitter that flashes when you blink.

Wearing Midnight Cowboy on the inner portion of my lids

Oh! Before I forget, if you plan to wear liquid or gel eyeliner with your glitter, you might want to apply Midnight Cowboy after lining your lash lines, because if you apply glitter before lining your eyes, you’ll end up having to crawl the liner over the pieces of glitter, which won’t look as smooth.

2. You’re so cheeky!

MAC Reflects Gold Glitter

You can also add some glitz to your glam by wearing glitter as a highlighter on your cheeks, and I love using a loose glitter like MAC’s Loose Glitter in Reflects Gold ($21) for this. Its super fine flecks of golden glitter sparkle in the light.

After you apply your blush, dip a tapered eye brush like the MAC 224 in Reflects Gold, tap it against something to unload some of the excess, and lightly dab the glitter on the upper part of your cheekbones.

Next, lock that glitter down by lightly spraying your cheeks with a makeup setting spray like Urban Decay’s All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray ($29), which keeps my makeup in place all day (and night) long.

3. Kiss me, you glittery fool!

Guerlain’s Gold Tchlack Gloss

Probably the easiest, quickest way to get glittery and glam, assuming you’re using a sparkly gloss that isn’t also gritty.

My favorite this season is Guerlain’s Gloss D’Enfer Maxi Shine Gloss in 400 Gold Tchlack ($30). It’s super sparkly, but because its flecks are almost microscopically small, it doesn’t feel gritty or uncomfortable on my lips.

You can wear it alone for simple shine and shimmer, or layer it atop a bright red lipstick for something a little more festive and glamorous.

Swatches from the left of Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy, Guerlain Gold Tchlack and MAC Reflects Gold

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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  • That is such a gorgeous eye look! I actually already have some of that UD eyeliner, and I’ve never even used it. I’m so glad that I now have a reason to wipe the dust off of it! :)

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