Store Brand Beauty Products that Work!

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‘Tis the season to spend money on others… so why not save where you can on products for yourself? Store brands have definitely stepped up their game with lots of different beauty products, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite store brand items in this post! Some of these products aren’t available online (at least, not yet), but you can definitely check them out in the store.

Wal-Mart: Equate Everyday 2 in 1 Daily Facial Cloths ($8.37,

These are the kind of face wash cloths that are dry in the package, and then you moisten them with water to build up a bit of a lather to wash your face. I’ve been using similar cloths from Olay since college to remove ALL of my makeup- even eye makeup- with no irritation. One side of the cloth is very smooth and the other side is textured and has a nice exfoliating effect. These are also incredibly handy for travel… you can just grab a few and they take up hardly any space (you also don’t leave a mess of the day’s makeup all over your host’s washcloths). These cloths from Equate are definitely my holy grail face cleanser/makeup remover!

Dollar General: DG Body Vanilla Body Butter Wash ($2.50, Dollar General Stores)

If you like creamy body washes that don’t strip your skin of moisture- this one from Dollar General is a great option! For less money than brand-name Softsoap, you still get a luxurious texture and a lightly sweet vanilla scent. I love that even though this is a very thick body wash, I feel like I’m getting totally clean.  If you find that your family is quickly draining bottles of shower gel, save a few dollars and try this!

 Walgreens: Well at Walgreens Sphere Lip Balms ($2.99 each, Walgreens stores)

Walgreens now has their own version of the popular EOS lip balms. For a dollar or two less (depending on your location and special discounts), you can try out these sphere-shaped lip balms. So far I’ve found a couple of flavors- Watermelon and Strawberry. They have a deliciously sweet scent and a tasty fruit flavor. Keep them around the house for a moisture boost when you need it, wear them under lipstick or lip liner for a smoother application, or keep them in your purse… I’m able to find these quickly in my bag because of their unusual shape!

Target: Up & Up Crease Brush and Smudge Brush ($1.97 to $2.49,

 You might be surprised at the quality of brushes you can find at Target for just a few dollars! Target’s Up & Up brand has a couple of eye brushes that I’m especially fond of. If you feel like most eye brushes are a bit to large or don’t give you enough control with your eyeshadow application, give these a try. The bristles are super soft and nicely tapered to give you a great blend. The crease brush is nice for softening the edges of your look, and the smudge brush is actually a great size for patting shadow on your lids.

Have you found any store brand beauty products that perform as well or better than their brand name counterparts? Let me know in the comments section- I’d love to check them out! And if you’d like to see more beauty reviews and tutorials, check out my Beauty Broadcast YouTube channel and blog. Have a great day! – Emily

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  • I love those Target brushes! I also find that Target’s generic version of Dove’s moisturizing body wash is great and every bit as good as the name brand. Oh, and this isn’t exactly a beauty product, but I’ve been using Target brand contact solution for literally two decades! :)

  • I like the e.l.f. brushes at Target, too.

  • Great article! The cvs brand eye makeup remover in the blue bottle is amazing and so much better than the brand name counterparts such as Clinique and neutrogena.

  • I use that Target Crease brush EVERY SINGLE DAY and wouldn’t be without it.. Only crease brush I have and have no need to change.. Love!

  • I love the CVS brand 100% Acetone Nail Polish Remover. Even though it is pure acetone I find it to be gentler than other brands but still very effective.

  • I LOVE the Dollar General brand black head pore nose stripes. They work sooo good for me!

  • they have a sugar cookie flavored lip balm at Walgreens now too! :D

  • I love the brushes from Family Dollar… It’s a pack of 2 for around $1.50 but the blending brush is awesome! I’ve never had expensive brushes but I feel that the blending brush does an excellent job!

  • The Up & Up version of Aveeno Body wash is fabulous if you have dry sensitive skin. I also like the Up & Up cotton rounds.

  • The Target Up & Up ladies shaving cream is amazing!!!
    I used to use Skintimate!!! the Target brand is thicker and
    lasts longer on my skin as I’m shaving!!!

  • ok now i have to try the Wal-Mart: Equate Everyday 2 in 1 Daily Facial Cloths I use olay foaming face wash now have used it for years have u ever tried it? do the clothes dry your face out?

  • That shower product works amazing

  • I love Walgreen’s lip balms. I recently got a berry one that is a Chistmas edition. It smells great and taste pretty good too.

  • Family Dollar has a store brand equivalent of Cetaphil cleanser. I think Dollar General has one, too. For about three dollars you get a sixteen ounce bottle of cleanser. I use it for shaving my legs in the wintertime. It doesn’t dry out my skin. Think how expensive it would get if you used Cetaphil for shaving.

  • I’m really fond of the Target Up&Up version of Olay daily moisturizer. They have a sensitive skin version with SPF15 and I really cannot tell the difference between the Olay and the Up&Up products.

    I’ve been looking for some other makeup remover wipes to try out, but the Equate are even a bit more expensive then the ones I’ve found and liked. I’m currently using the cleaning clothes by Epielle. I usually find the packs of 30 for $1 at Big Lots. Great deal and they work pretty well.

  • I recently purchased DG’s version of Neutrogena’s pink grapefruit foaming scrub and oil-free moisturizer. I’m sure I’ll love it as I do every other DG brand product.

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    Anyways, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back

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