5 Tips To Disappear Dark Circles and Get More Oomph From Concealer

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My relationship with under-eye concealer is real-deal, all-caps SERIOUS. I mean, I don’t even walk outside to get the mail without applying at least a little, because if I don’t, I run the risk of my neighbors mistaking me for Uncle Fester (remember the dark circles under his eyes?).

Being as important as this is (well, you know), I’ve scoured the universe for concealer tips, and I’ve picked up a few good ones over the years, mostly from friendly makeup artists at my home away from home, also known as the beauty counter.

Here are five of the ones I use most often.

1. Prep with a serum that brightens and tightens

I picked up this secret weapon from a Laura Mercier makeup artist buddy of mine who said she uses it all the time on her clients.

Before applying your concealer, prep your under-eye area with a brightening, tightening serum like Laura’s Flawless Skin Repair Eye Serum.

It slightly tightens, thanks to green and white teas, arnica extract, caffeine and geranium, while the pearlescent pink color brightens.

Just pat a smidgen (barely a drop) under your eyes before applying your concealer. Let it sit for about a minute or two before applying your regular concealer on top.

You should see less visible creases and a generally lighter under-eye look overall.

2. Reach for a pink- or peach-toned concealer

A much-loved MAC makeup artist taught me to always pick an under-eye concealer with pink or peach tones, even, she said, “if your skin is yellow or neutral based,” since layering yellow-toned concealers over dark circles can turn out gray. In MAC-speak, that usually means grabbing a concealer marked “NW,” versus “NC.”

3. Take your concealer down into “the triangle”

One of my favorite concealer tips ever! — this one courtesy of a Chanel makeup artist.

It changed my life! (In a manner of speaking.) I use this one a lot on days when my dark circles are in overdrive, and it’s very easy to do once you can locate the mysterious triangle…

Here goes: think of your lower lash line as the first side of said triangle, the side of your nose as the second, and the invisible line from each of your nostrils to the outer corner of the eye on the same side as the third. Apply your concealer throughout this area, instead of just directly beneath your eyes, and then blend.

4. Give your brush the brush-off, and blend with your finger instead

I don’t even try to hide it anymore — I’m a total brush junkie! I’ve probably tried dozens of brushes to blend concealer under my eyes, but after all of that effort, nothing has worked as well as a finger.

I think it has something to do with warmth, and by that I mean body temperature. Your fingers are slightly warmer than your brush, and I think it helps concealer bind to the skin in a way that looks more natural.

After I apply my concealer, I gently pat it into the skin and around the edges to work it in.

5. Why swipe when you can pat?

Setting your under-eye concealer with powder helps it stay put through the day. For this, I like using a fluffy face brush, like a blush brush with a smallish brush head, and I pat the powder into my skin (instead of swiping).

No offense to swiping, but that back-and-forth action can disrupt your application and even remove some concealer. Gentle patting, on the other hand, lessens the likelihood of that.

I hope these tips help you get the most from your concealer.

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