5 EASY Ways to Clean your Makeup Brushes at Home

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I’m going to admit this here, and I’m embarrassed to actually write this, but I think it’s important to just “come clean” (pun intended).

Until 2 months ago, I never cleaned ANY of my makeup brushes.

I know, I know… disgusting. Truthfully, I just never thought about it. I would use them every single morning to apply my makeup, get myself “pretty”, put them away and not even think about them until the next time I needed them. It just became my makeup routine – plain and simple.

All that changed this past August. I was out with one of my girlfriend’s (who is a makeup artist) and she asked if she could use my bronzer brush. I handed it to her and she said in passing, “When was the last time you cleaned this?” When I said, “Never,” she nearly fell off her seat. She told me about all the build up of oil and dirt and who-knows-what-else in my brushes, and not only that – but that I should be cleaning them once a month.

That was all I needed. I became a makeup-brush-cleaner in that moment, especially when I found out how EASY it is to do.

5 EASY Ways to Clean your Makeup Brushes at Home:
1. (If you have babies) Wash with baby soap in your bathroom sink and then let them air dry.
2. Wash with your own shampoo and then let them air dry. Don’t use a lot, just enough to give your brush a little coating.
3. If you don’t want to use shampoo, a mild cleanser works just as well.
4. If you want to stay away from any soap/cleansers, turn the water on hot and let the brush rinse under the water in the palm of your hand. Try and separate the bristles so you’re getting the oils/dirt/makeup out.
5. There’s always makeup brush cleaner you can purchase at a cosmetic store like Sephora.

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  • I always have cleaned my makeup brushes using a bit of liquid softsoap, I even discussed this with my daughter,age 36. She was surprised because she had never thought to clean hers. I hope she has followed my advice, I’ll have to ask. After all these brushes are used daily and probably have forms of bacteria on them?

  • Put some eye makeup remover in a small container of warm water, swish brushes, rinse them. It works fast and cleans wonderfully.

  • Drop a small amount of eye makeup remover in a glass of warm water. Swish brushes and rinse in warm water. Air dry. It’s quick and works great!

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