3 Ways To Get a Rosy Fall Flush

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Hi everyone! We’re all accustomed to making some wardrobe updates for fall, but have you thought about updating your makeup routine as well? A bolder lip or a jewel-toned eye are great ways to switch up your beauty routine for fall and winter, but I also love another very simple adjustment- a deep rosy blush! Think about the way your cheeks get that rosy glow on a chilly day… you can get that perfect rosy flush all day long with the help of the right blush! Whether you’re pairing your rosy blush with a red lip or a nude lip, it’ll give your face an instant look of health. With all of my recommendations, a little goes a long way. Lightly tap a blush brush into the product and sweep across the outer part of the apple of your cheek. If you’re concerned about applying too much, get in front of a window and use the natural daylight to get the most accurate idea of how your blush looks.  Here are some of my favorite options!

The Classic Beauty: ELF Studio Blush in Blushing Rose ($3, eyeslipsface.com)

This is one of my all-time favorite blushes! I’m wearing it in the picture above. This blush has the perfect rosy color, with a bit of golden shimmer mixed in. The shimmer definitely isn’t too metallic or overpowering, and doesn’t seem to accentuate pores or fine lines. A very light application of this blush can even work on very fair complexions, and at only $3 it’s a major bargain!

The Glowing Goddess: GOSH Multicolor Bush in Pink Pie ($21, Duane Reade)

If you love a little glow and shimmer on the cheeks, this Multicolor blush from GOSH is a great option- it’s practically like a blush and highlight in one. To use it, just sweep your brush over all the colors and apply it to the cheeks. The tones of lilac, rose, and copper blend together to give the most beautiful rosy flush. As an added bonus, these shades make gorgeous eyeshadows when used individually.

The Marvelous Multi-tasker: Flower Beauty Blush/Bronzer Duo in Shimmering Goddess ($9.98, walmart.com)

If you’d like to simplify your makeup bag and have your blush and bronzer in one, here’s a great option for you. Contrary to the shade name “Shimmering Goddess”- this duo is entirely matte. If you deal with oily skin and don’t want any additional “glow”, this is a good option. You can use the bright rosy blush on the apples of your cheeks (use a light hand- it won’t be as intense as it looks in the compact!), and apply the matte bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks, sweeping back toward your ear. This dual application will add a great flush to the cheeks while also slimming the face.

How do you adjust your makeup routine for the fall and winter months? I’m all ears for your product recommendations! Thanks for checking out my post, and if you’re looking for more beauty reviews and tutorials, check out the Beauty Broadcast blog and YouTube channel!  -Emily

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  • love it! im definitely trying the elf one! :) for fall/winter i use more tinted moisturizing lip balms, gotta keep the lips hydrated, and i tend to use peachy colored blushes as well as rosy pinks, helps tone down the natural pink/blue color u get from the cold. Im trying to find a bbcream that will help to keep my face moisturized from drying in the fal/winter, but im combination so don’t worry as much. :)

    • Stephania, try L’oreal’s Youth Code BB cream. I think it is super hydrating. It was little much for me during the summer. I had to use mattifying powder with it. One word of caution: it comes in a tube that does not show the color. All you have to go by is the shade named on the box. I chose Light and it is is more of a medium tint. If you are pale, like me, it might be a little too much color. Go easy with the application. I can only imagine that the other shades might run dark, too.

      • Thanks for the suggestion I’ll be sure to try it ;) I’m light to medium but in the winter I get super light and with my black hair I look like Wednesday lol…thanks again :)

  • I have the elf blush. I want to try the flower duo!

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