Why I Got Bangs for Fall (And Maybe You Should Too)

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It all started with Season 3 of my favorite BBC show Luther (sorry Downton Abbey) and the introduction of Luther’s new love interest—Mary Day. Her character and storyline were a little blah, but her long bob and blunt bang combo? Now that was riveting stuff.

With Mary’s haircut imprinted on my brain and a new season approaching, I seriously considered changing my look. I already had the shoulder length hair—the question was whether I was ready to commit to bangs. (I’ve had them before so they didn’t feel too risky.) In the past, bangs made me feel cute and stylish, but they necessitated regular blowouts and trims. Were they worth the extra work?

I did what any good beauty editor would do and sent Mary’s photo to my stylist Nunzio Saviano.  He quickly green-lighted the style. “Fall is the best time for bangs! You’re not fighting humidity or trying to keep your hair out of your face like in the summer. And it will look amazing on you,” he added, which pretty much sealed the deal. After Saviano cut my hair, he cautioned me not to worry too much about getting my bangs perfectly smooth, especially with my widow’s peak and cowlick. “Bangs do what they want to do,” he warned. Hmmm, bangs were starting to sound like my very adorable and very stubborn two-year old!

It’s been about three weeks and I’m happy to report that I love my bangs! They’re definitely more work compared to my summer wash-and-go style but I have no regrets so far. I’ll let you know how it goes after my first bang trim. (Maybe I will DIY it!)

In the meantime, here’s my new bang routine:

Day one: Start with clean, damp hair. I rough-dry my hair with a dryer until it’s 70%-80% dry, then target my bangs. The nozzle attachment is crucial here. My technique is to over-direct them on each side; then aim the nozzle straight down so they lay down straight. This helps correct my cowlick and leaves my bangs with a little of bit body.

On days two and three, I use dry shampoo (Rene Furturer is the best!) and hit them with the blow-dryer if they need to be nudged in the right direction.

Want to give bangs a try before you commit? Check out LHJ’s Try-A-Hairstyle tool!

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  • Erica ~ I have perfected the very best DIY bang trim! Part off your bangs, wet them down. Carefully comb them smooth, and gather in the center, over the bridge of your nose. Comb smooth again, still holding them between your fingers, right between your eyes. I like mine a little long and wispy, so I direct my scissors (carefully) straight toward my face, at a slight angle downward, making a single snip right at the level of the canthus of my eye. Your bangs will fall a little longer on the sides than in the center. After blowing them dry, take your manicure scissors and aim them straight up, amd make many tiny, tiny snips upward, varying in depth from 1/4 to 1/2 inch. This is probably the hardest (and scariest) part, so it’s okay to take your time, stopping periodically to check your progress, swish them around, and check for where they might be a little too blunt. If you prefer a blunt bang – skip the manicure scissor step. They’re already perfect!

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