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So, you restocked your nail collection with Spring brights, and before you know it’s fall again. Before I put away my faves like Essie’s “Using my Maiden Name” and “Sunday Funday”, I think I’ll take some inspiration from this shot and pair them with neutral colors in early fall (and stacks of gold rings too). Start with a dusting of Armani’s eyes to kill in Red Plantine for a warm tint on your lids, and a simple bronzing powder just to add a bit more of a glow. I always love Bobbi Brown for blush and powder (we like maui in the office). As for a nude lip, finding the perfect nude shade is tough. I buy more nudes than anyone in the world and my best advice is to test, test, test. In case it’s of any help, my newest fave is Hourglass in Mauve Beige.

Completed the look and feeling like the nudes are washing you out? Navy or plum liner isn’t as scary as it seems. Try adding a line¬† to your look at night. (here, ysl’s oriental blue}

{ Armani eyes to kill in red plantine} { bobbi brown in maui } { Hourglass in mauve beige } { ysl in oriental blue }

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