3 of the Best Sprays for Beachy Waves

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Cowabunga, dude! Ready to ride some monster waves?

No, not the offshore variety, although that would also be fun (anyone know today’s surf report??).

I’m talking hair with beachy, tousled waves — a summertime staple — and every year it seems like a dozen new sprays for beachy waves appear on shelves.

Now, while I appreciate having options (says the girl with five coral lipglosses in her bag at any given moment), sometimes you just want something grab-and-go, because who really has time to try a dozen new sprays? Not while there are picnics to be held, pools to be lounged beside and adventure to be had!

I have managed to test quite a few of the new beachy wave sprays this summer, and the following three really stood out.

1. AG Hair Texture Spray ($24)

Dude, I get hair like Encyclopedia Brittanica when I use AG’s lightweight, medium-hold aerosol Hair Texture Spray Translation: volumes! Designed to make waves on all hair types, it’s great if you’re looking for a spray that fights frizz, adds shine and won’t weigh your hair down. Spray on dry hair, and scrunch gently for tousled, beachy waves.

2. Ouidad Wave Create Sea Spray ($23)

Mmm… Ouidad’s Wave Create Sea Spray smells exactly like coconut Lifesavers (remember those?), and it does a bang-up job of coaxing out the waves while softening your hair.

When I want long and stretched beachy waves that look a little messy — but in a great way — I reach for Ouidad’s Wave Create Sea Spray. LOVE IT! — especially on date night.

3. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray ($25)

For that classically undone look of windswept, saltwater waves, Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray is the way to go.

My hair looks straight-up wild when I wear this spray! It gives me tons of texture and lift for the ultimate in beach babe hair.

What are your favorite beachy wave tricks and sprays? Share your knowledge with your beach-loving sisters in the comments.

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  • I really like Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. Affordable, smells good and works great. I’m wearing it right now, as a matter of fact!

    I have naturally wavy hair. I use this spray on dry hair after I’ve let it dry naturally. It calms down the frizz, and gives it a bit of extra texture and hold that’s not stiff like hairspray.

    Michelle Rogers, Editor, The Healthy Beauty Blog

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