Love Letter to Mario Badescu

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1) Glycolic foaming cleanser (a great exfoliant for weekly use) – $15, 2) Aloe Vera Toner (removes anything my cleanser left behind) – $15, 3) Buffering Lotion (for acne zapping) – $17, 4) Vitamin C Serum (fades spots, brightens skin tone) – $45, 5) Whitening Mask (evens out skin tone) – $24


If I gave you a peek into my cabinet full of skin care products, you might have me committed. Though I already have an arsenal of products, I’m always looking for something new to try. But despite my curiosity and ever-increasing skincare supply, I have some that always make the cut. I’ve been using Mario Badescu for years, and swear by their affordable products. They have a wide array of skincare available; what works for you will depend on your skin type. You can fill out their questionnaire for targeted recommendations, or if you live in NYC, visit their  salon for a one on one consultation. While you’re there, I highly recommend trying one of their facials. I get them regularly, and usually add on a vitamin-c treatment or the occasional glycolic peel. If you go, make sure you let us know how your experience is!

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