5 Summer Fun Nail Colors to TRY!

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I LOVE getting my nails done for the summer. I try to book a manicure and pedicure once every 2 weeks. It’s my summer beauty “pamper” perk. I love going and just vegging out and enjoying some beauty-time. When it comes to picking out my colors, I’ve been trying to change it up every time I head into the salon.

I love bright.
I love bold.
I love perfectly-summer.

If you’re looking for some new summer colors to try out for the pool or the beach right now, I wanted to share my favorite 5 colors right now. In the fall I usually go for a basic nude color. In the winter I usually go for a basic purple or navy. Right now with so much color trending, I’m amping the colors up a TON!

Here are 5 Summer FUN Nail Colors to Try:

essie’s – the girls are out
This is a gorgeous fuchsia pink. I love this for my toes. It pops and it’s just so summery-pink and perfect.

butter London Sunbaker Nail Lacquer – $15
This is a sun-baked color. It’s different and vibrant and just filled with PIZAZZ! It you want a fabulous shade for the summer, you will sparkle with this!

OPI’s Need Sunglasses
YELLOW BABY! Nothing screams summer like a BOLD yellow! I love the gorgeousness of a yellow for my nails. It’s glowing and fabulous and just FANTASTIC.

essie’s the more the merrier
This is a fun lime green. It’s bright and it’s bold and it’s beautiful. I love this shade for hands or toes. It’s just a stunning color that works for the summer like a charm!

OPI’s Dating a Royal
With the ROYALS being on full alert this summer because of the baby coming, this color is certainly one you’ll want to wear! Let’s just hope it’s a BOY!

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