Three Easy Nail Looks to Try

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I’ve been a big fan of the nail art movement for quite awhile, but as a clumsy person who is more adept at painting my actual finger than nail, I was afraid to try anything on myself. Once my sister – a nail tech – introduced me to the beauty of cleaning up mistakes with a nail brush dipped in polish remover (no brainer life changer!), I decided to give a few simple ones a go. I put together three different looks for you to check out and try on your own. As long as you’re able to paint your nails (or make a mess and clean it up), you’ll be able to create these three easy looks.

“Got My Groove Back” from Ginger + Liz, “Aquadelic” by China Glaze, Paper Reinforcements

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The first look is the half moon manicure. I did this one myself, and have a full tutorial available here. All you need are some paper reinforcements from the school/office supply section of your local store, and two colors of polish of your choice! Just apply the first coat, let it fully dry, add the sticker and paint the next coat with a contrasting color, using the sticker as a stencil. Super Easy!


OPI “Alpine Snow”, Butter London “Sprog”, China Glaze “Modify Me”, Butter London “Blagger”, OPI “Yoga ta get this blue”

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The next look is the ombre effect, which simply requires five different colors from light to dark. Doesn’t get easier than that! You can try this with so many different color options.

Kiss Nail Dress decals

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The last look is perfect for gals on the go, who don’t want to wait around for their nails to dry. It’s also a great way to try intricate nail art without actually having to do it yourself! These nail decals go on with ease. Pick the size that fits your nail best, secure it, then file the excess. I went with one accent nail, here, but you can do an entire set if you’re feeling bold!

What do you think? Will you try any of these looks at home? We’d love to see your looks!

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