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When it comes to bar soap, I’m typically a Dove girl through and through. Why? It’s a matter of practicality, really—everyone in my little family (my dry skinned hubby, my sensitive skinned toddler, and me with crazy-combo skin) can use the same gentle-yet-cleansing soap, so I’m not having to buy three different bars for the varying degrees of skin toleration to soap that live under one roof. I seriously thought Dove was it. I mean, it is! But, I thought nothing could hold a candle to it until I tried MoonEssence Pt. Reyes Whey Bar Soap.

MoonEssence is an organic skincare line based in Petaluma, CA and they make this AMAZING soap (that you can use from head to toe—even in your hair—snatch!) from natural, raw whey. It has a delicate scent (like Dove) and, like Dove, it also leaves skin soft and moisturized instead of tight and dry. I wondered how this little organic skincare company could make a soap that rivaled my go-to staple from a behemoth brand.

Liquid Gold

Apparently, other whey soaps are made from powdered whey. GASP! But, this is made with raw whey, which is loaded in proteins that help nourish, heal and protect skin instead of destroying its protective mantle (basically, anyone with dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or skin allergies should consider stashing a bar).

I know what you’re thinking—that’s great and all, but why does the soap look like a wedge of blue cheese? The whey comes from the Point Reyes Cheese Company, makers of the famous Point Reyes Blue Cheese. Plus, the soap (like some cheeses) goes through a 3-week curing process, allowing the ingredients to really permeate the entire bar.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Dove soap, but it’s nice to have options.

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  • I found out about Moon Essence from a friend recently and I am in love! What a great company. They are ethical, earth conscious and make AMAZING products. I am now a loyal customer. Thank you!

  • Wow. You are right, there soaps do look like a wedge of blue cheese. lol. Love the Dove soaps too. This soaps made from whey sounds amazing.

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