Baby-Proof Beauty Rituals

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Messy ponytail, pimply chin, tomato sauce splattered on shoulders, no makeup, dark circles under the eyes… If I was generalizing, I’d say that those were the tell-tale signs of a frenzied mom (specifically one strollering a tot or two). But, I’m not a generalizer, especially now after chatting with these beauty expert mamas who know how to look polished and put together even when they’re surrounded by chaos (aka a tired toddler!). You’ll have a new appreciation for pureed carrots after reading this.


“I haven’t done this since my toddler was a baby, but when I started making homemade food for him (like mashed fruits and veggies), I would put any leftovers from the food processor (or his plate) on my face as a mask. Strawberries and plain yogurt were the best for my skin because it’s oily, but I tried just about everything, including baby oatmeal, which was great for soaking up oil too. I know, I know–super glamorous!” —Karina Giglio, beauty writer


“When Dane was a baby I didn’t have a lot of time to wash my hair. To prevent my hair from looking oily, I would apply this hair powder on my scalp to absorb the oil and make my hair look refreshed instantly.”  —Stephanie Wright, Hawaii-based esthetics student 


“I can’t believe I’m this person but seriously…I’ve been moisturizing my hands while they are in dish gloves when I’m washing my breast pump pieces and my new baby’s bottles, which is 80 million times daily. I started after my hands were so dry and cracked they were bleeding! Domestic life!” —Emily Kate Spokes, makeup artist


“I swipe a little Baby Aquaphor or Burts Bees Baby Bee Ointment on my lips after using it on the little guy. It’s the only way I can keep my lips hydrated because I don’t have to think about where my lip balm is or even that my lips are beyond parched.” —Kristen Oldham Giordani, beauty blogger


“My favorite is the multiple use of the baby wipe: namely cleaning a stain off your clothes, or removing makeup including mascara—I love wipes!” —Mona Gohara, dermatologist


“I started using Lansinoh nipple cream (from when I was nursing), on my lips because it’s so moisturizing and and also on Ian’s thumb when the skin would crack from thumb sucking since it’s safe to ingest.” —Carrie Stern Kleiner, beauty blogger

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