Secrets of the Eye Makeup Mavens: Cat Eyes in Three Steps

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Meow, kittens! I sure lurves me some cat eye liner, and not just because I’m a bonafide cat lady (although I’m sure that factors into the equation). :)

My cat Tabs (an acclaimed kitty supermodel) has purr-fect liner

I don’t know… There just aren’t many eye looks equal parts elegant and fierce. Whether you’re a lady who lunches or a motorcycle-riding rebel, cat eyes are built to flatter.

Not only are cat eyes classic and timeless (like the Burberry trenchcoats of the eye makeup world!), but they’re also fairly easy to do.

Seriously! You just need a couple of tools, a bit of patience and practice.

Some gals love their liquid liner pens or eyeliner pencils, but I’m partial to brushes and potted gel liners. I think they’re the easiest, quickest way to get from here to cat.

I dig MAC’s $20 266 Small Angle Brush and their $16 Blacktrack Fluidline, but Sonia Kashuk’s $6 Bent Eyeliner Brush and L’Oréal’s $10 Infallible Never Fail Lacquer Liner 24H in Blackest Black are also great (and less expensive).

You’ll also need a black pencil liner, like my current fave, Bobbi Brown’s $24 Long-Wear Liner in Eye Pencil Jet.

Kinda pricey, yes, but I think it’s the best black liner I’ve ever used, by far, because of its super soft, long-lasting formula (it easily lasts all day long).

With that said, are you ready to get catty right meow? Let’s do this!

1. What a great flick!

After filling in your brows and applying your eye shadow, dip your brush head into your gel liner; remove the excess product from the brush by swiping the head across a clean paper towel or along the inside of the liner’s lid.

Now, place the brush head right at the outer corner of your eye (the side closer to your ear), look straight into a mirror, relax your wrist, and flick! Draw your flick.

Repeat on the other side.

Try to get your flicks looking like mirror images of each other…

…but if one flick sits a little high or looks a tad longer than the other, no worries. Just remove it with some eye makeup remover (I like these from NARS, Milani and Rimmel), and try again.

2. That’s it! I’m drawing the line!

Next, reload your brush, remove the excess product again, and slowly, using short strokes, draw along your upper lash line as close to your lashes as possible. Ideally, you want the line to start thin at the inner corner of your eye (the side closer to your nose) and gradually thicken as it moves out (toward your ear).

Once you get to that outer corner, join/connect with the flick you created in the first step to create one smooth line.

Repeat on your other eye.

3. Pump up the jam!

Almost there! Now, line your upper water line with your black pencil liner, working the liner between the roots of your lashes to cover the tiny spaces wherever you see skin.

This gives a fuller appearance to your cat eyes and puts the exclamation mark on your look.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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