Long Hair, Don’t Care

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I suddenly feel like I’ve been inducted into a secret society of women with awesome hair. This mysterious yet glorious world of great lengths and shiny strands is seriously life changing. I’ll admit, for the longest time I turned my nose up at extensions, but in my own defense I’ve seen my share of some really really bad hair pieces, weaves, and wigs–so let’s just say my judgment was a little bit clouded. When my bob was taking way too long to grow out I started getting a little antsy, so I decided to give extensions a twirl. How have I missed out on this for so long?

I knew that I didn’t want to commitment to a full weave (there’s just something about being able to feel my scalp). My first experience was with a brand called Hotheads. The individual pieces are sticky on the end so my hair was sandwiched in between two strips of hair. It was great and looked really natural, but they fall out over a 6 week period. I wanted something a little bit more permanent so I decided to go the clip-in route. I took a trip to the Indique Hair boutique to try out some pieces (don’t try to order online, getting a good texture match is a lot harder to do when you’re not looking at samples). The helpful Indique staff suggested the fishnet clip-in set. My thought: what the what? It looks intimidating, but it’s seriously the easiest thing ever, and takes the time and guesswork out of trying to clip-in individual pieces. There’s a helpful how-to on the brands site that shows you how to put it in. Easy-peasy.

The difference between bad extensions and good ones is for starters the hair quality. Go with human hair all the way. And secondly, keeping your own strands smooth. Rough edges and smooth hair pieces are a dead giveaway and a big no no. So keep your hairline sleek. My secret weapon: The Edge Stick. It’s a hot iron made just for this purpose. It has tiny little teeth and a barrel in between that gets super close to the hair line without scorching your scalp. It’s pretty genius. This whole new hair extensions world is life changing.

I’m offically a convert.

Have you tried hair extensions? What did you think?

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  • They are much more realistic in appearance in comparison to synthetic wigs
    Great durability: If taken care of correctly human hair wigs can last a long time as human hair is stronger than synthetic hair fibre.
    The same styling and maintenance is required for the hair as it is human and should be treated and look after as if it was your own real hair. It can be custom-coloured and can tolerate heat from styling appliances such as hair tongs and straighteners.

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