Easy 5-Minute Morning Makeup Routine

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With four sons that are 4, 5, 7 and 8, my morning beauty routine has to be fast, quick, and easy. I literally have about 5 minutes to prep myself for the day, so I need to make sure those morning 5 minutes count.

I’ve come up with a set routine that works every time — foundation, bronzer, eye makeup, and gloss. I don’t play around. I don’t change it up. I don’t deviate from what works.

I get in,I do my makeup, and I get out.

Breakfast needs to be prepped. Lunches need to be made. Drop-off needs to be accomplished by 8:30 am.

I wanted to give you a quick glimpse of my morning, so I thought it would be fun to actually shoot a 5 minute clip of my morning makeup routine, on a Monday no-less! (Joining me is my son, Ben.)

Ahh… done and out the door! What’s your routine? Could you be done in 5 minutes if you needed to be?

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  • Audrey – you put me to shame! I have no kids and plenty of time in the morning and you still look more pulled together than I do :) Thanks for the tips. I like how you put the charcoal shadow close to your lids and then popped another color over the lid – that seems easy enough.

  • I can get a basic look in 5 minutes. In this order… wash face pat dry, under eye cream, all over face moisturizer, Laura Mercier Secret Camo on spotty bits, Dermablend Original setting powder in the T zone, beige fleshy colored eyeshadow, Rose water face spray, mascara, and lip gloss. Done. Loved your video!

  • Great video, very helpful, thanks a bunch.

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