5 Romantic Hairstyle How-To’s for V-Day

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The beauty editor in me feels obligated to say that you don’t need to wait for a holiday like Valentine’s Day to do something special with your hair. Every day is a good day to rock a new style! However, if you’re a working mom like me, you know better. We’re lucky to find time to shower on most days. We need an excuse like date night or Valentine’s Day to fool around in front of the mirror for more than five minutes. So forget roses and candy, I’ll take twenty minutes of uninterrupted primping and one of these gorgeous styles!


Beachy Waves

Photo: LHJ/Tom Watson


I love this big, loose style that Jenny Cho, Suave Professionals celebrity stylist, created for a recent wavy hair story. “The key to nailing this undone texture is to shake out the curls so they aren’t too perfect,” says Cho.

Step 1: Divide hair into sections on each side of the head with a comb. Take a piece from the back, spritz it with hairspray, then wrap it around a 1 1/4-inch iron.

Step 2: Alternate the direction of the next curl. Repeat for your whole head.

Step 3: Loosen waves with your fingers and apply styling cream to the ends.


Gatsby Girl

Photo: LHJ/Tom Watson


Another cool style created by Cho: Short hair looks so chic and dressy with modern finger waves and a sparkly barrette.

Step 1: Scrunch your hair with mousse; then blow-it dry with a diffuser to bring out your natural texture.

Step 2: Curl random pieces with a 1-inch curling iron, winding the hair away from your face. Use styling cream to smooth the bends around the front of your

Step 3: Now clip in a barrette. Positioning it near the temple keeps it sophisticated instead of girly.


Veronica Lake Waves

Photo: LHJ/Tom Watson


Smooth, shiny waves are sophisticated and sexy on long hair, says Cho. Steal her ultimate red carpet look for your big night on the town.

Step 1. Start with a fresh blow-out and a deep side part.

Step 2. Use a 1 1/4-inch iron to curl a section, then roll it up, and pin in place. Repeat until all of your hair is set in curls.

Step 3. Apply hairspray and wait 15 minutes, then take out the clips. Gently brush hair to one side.


Messy, Sexy Braid

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Krystal Phillips from Dyer & Posta Salon shared her tips for getting a perfectly disheveled side-plait.

Step 1: Create lots of volume and texture. Apply a volumizing spray at your roots and run texturizing creme through the mid-shaft and ends, then blow dry hair upside down.

Step 2: Pull pull hair over to one side and loosely braid, then secure the ends with an elastic.

Step 3: Now make it sexy: massage the braid to create texture and mess it up slightly. Mist with a sea salt spray.


Sleek, undone bun

Photo: LeFoxVintage.blogspot.com

Want to get your hair off your neck? Use them tips from Rachel Carter, another stylist from Dyer & Posta Salon.

Step 1: Blow dry your hair and then tease the roots around your face and crown to create height.

Step 2: Gather hair into a loose ponytail at the crown and secure with an elastic. Twist the ponytail and wrap it in a bun shape. Secure with bobby pins placing them close to the center of the bun to hide them.

Step 3: Work in some (messy) texture by using your fingers to tousle the hair around your face (looser pieces are okay, they make the look sexier!) Set with hairspray.

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